GF Vip, Rosalinda Cannavò left by her boyfriend: "She wants a break"

GF Vip, Rosalinda Cannavò lasciata dal fidanzato: “Vuole una pausa”

In the house of the "GF Vip", Rosalinda Cannavò discovered that her boyfriend Giuliano left her

Giuliano Condorelli, Rosalinda Cannavò's boyfriend, has decided to leave the actress now that he is in the GF Vip's house. A difficult test for the competitor – known as Adua Del Vesco – who dissolved in tears when she learned that her partner wanted to take a break.

A bond, the one with Giuliano, which has lasted for several years now and which the actress has always defined as very important. In fact, the boy was at her side in the battle against anorexia, helping and supporting her in the most difficult moments. Rosalinda's stay in the House of GF Vip put a strain on the bond. In fact, the actress realized that she had always followed her boyfriend's wishes, without relying on her thoughts.

"This is not the first time this has happened, I was expecting it – he said after discovering that Giuliano had moved away from his family -. I miss them, however, I'm tired of these behaviors, because they have nothing to do with it. Whenever there is a fight with me, he takes it out on them. When I speak of the evolution of our relationship, I also mean this ”. Today the actress feels stronger and more independent: "I stayed in Milan because I don't need anyone to build a new life. I already foresee everything. I already know what awaits me. Paradoxically, in the past it scared me and now it doesn't. Because I know what I'm worth ".

In recent days Rosalinda Cannavò had reflected on her relationship, also speaking with the other competitors of the GF Vip House, in particular with Samantha De Grenet. “I repeat, I don't need anything or anyone – he said -. At 18, I decided to support myself. Nor do I need a man to support me or to give me a house, because I know that I will build it with my own strength. The point is the gesture, "we build something together", a "we" that is not there ".

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