GF Vip, Selvaggia Roma confesses to being positive. The manager defends her

GF Vip, Selvaggia Roma confessa di essere positiva. Il manager la difende

Selvaggia Roma confesses on Instagram that it is the Coronavirus positive GF Vip competitor

Selvaggia Roma confesses to being positive for Coronavirus on Instagram after its failure to enter the House of the GF Vip and the manager defends it. In recent days, Alfonso Signorini had announced the entry of new tenants in the Cinecittà loft. Giulia Salemi, Stefano Bettarini and Selvaggia Roma should have entered the House, giving life to new dynamics. During the episode, however, things went differently. “We learned of a suspected case of positivity for one of the three VIPs who must enter the House – explained the presenter -. This situation requires medical investigations for the safety of the person involved and of those in the House. So tonight the three entrances will not be there ".

After the announcement, the three future competitors of the GF Vip remained silent. Later Stefano Bettarini and Giulia Salemi decided to expose themselves by revealing in their respective Instagram profiles that they had negative results. Many have wondered if the infected competitor was really Wild, but she initially denied. "I swab before joining the 'Gf Vip' and the result is negative – he told Adnkronos -. Burst of health! Enough of this witch hunt ”.

Shortly after, however, the former Temptation Island competitor confessed on Instagram that she had tested positive. "I am the contender of the positive GF Vip at Covid – he admitted -, I have a very low viral load but I was infected". His behavior has sparked heated controversy. To defend it Giulio Borgognoni, manager of the influencer. "Selvaggia certainly made a mistake in declaring to the Adnkronos journalist to 'burst with health' – he said -, but this mistake must be counted as a venial sin of a young girl who has seen the opportunity vanish, at least for now of entering the most spied house in Italy just when it was just a few steps from the door ".

The manager explained that Roma "immediately apologized to everyone for those untrue statements made, among other things, in a moment of profound disappointment. I myself had recommended the most absolute confidentiality, and she showed a deep sense of responsibility in wanting to firmly clarify that she had not had contact with any of the other competitors who should have entered the house […] Selvaggia tested positive at Covid, they report to me with a very low viral load and now we are waiting for the possibility of repeating the swabs in the hope that it has become negativized so that we can resume any speech left pending ".

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