GF Vip, Signorini and Pupo's spear during the final

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In the final of the GF Vip, Signorini was the protagonist with Pupo of a funny outlaw

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Alfonso Signorini and Pupo are the protagonists of a fun outing during the last episode of the GF Vip. The reality show was a success also thanks to the great spontaneity and professionalism of its host. During the final, where Paola Di Benedetto triumphed, the presenter and the columnist, alone in the studio, committed a gaffe.

In fact, they did not notice that the advertising had ended and that the live broadcast had returned. When the cameras framed the study, they were both lying on the floor looking for something. What happened? To reveal it, shortly after, was Signorini himself who said he had lost the beads of his bracelet.

Aided by Pupo, the presenter tried to recover the beads, but did not notice that the advertising stop had ended. The Gion VIP at the GF had a lot of fun with the public who found Signorini and Pupo on all fours on the floor instead of at the post. "I heard that sudden sound of falling balls, I thought your dentures had fallen," says Pupo as he searches for the beads. "But what dentures, this is my sign," Signorini replies, before realizing that he is on the air thanks to the authors' report. "But how are we on the air? – exclaims -. I was looking for the balls of my Tibetan rosary ".

Beyond this little gaffe, Big Brother Vip was a success for Alfonso Signorini. The host won a double challenge, leading the reality show after Ilary Blasi's farewell and in a difficult situation. "After this experience I can do everything – explained the conductor to Adnkronos -. It was the first time that a reality show was entrusted to a man and I tried to give the program what was my 'figure', always respecting the program of course ".

"I raised the bar a bit in the choice of cast, language and content – he confessed -. It wasn't obvious that the audience would come after me and instead people never gave up on me, despite having a very strong counter-programming and despite the double episode. I don't hide the fact that making two direct flights a week for two and a half months was very tiring ".

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