GF Vip, Signorini defends Pepe and Pretelli declares himself: report cards of the fifth episode

The fifth episode of the reality show conducted by Signorini saw the first VIP eliminated and gave numerous moments of emotion

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

The fifth episode of Big Brother Vip 5 reserved a lot of emotions for fans. After a fourth appointment characterized by the emotional moment of Gabriel Garko's speech, the fans of the reality Mediaset were able to discover the name of the first vip eliminated (Fulvio Abbate), but also of the competitors chosen to enter the new version of the hovel (Massimiliano Morra and Tommaso Zorzi have entered the cucurio, a dirty part of the house full of cuckoo clocks). Here are our votes to the protagonists of the Monday evening of Canale 5.

ALFONSO SIGNORINI – Impeccable host, Alfonso Signorini conducted the fifth episode of the reality show with a perfect television rhythm, finding the right balance between moments of emotion, such as the one in which Francesco Oppini spoke of the tragic death of his ex-girlfriend Luana, and others dedicated to correct observations such as those presented to Tommaso Zorzi after the reaction to Garko's speech. The host of The Big Brother Vip was also able to invite the competitors to reflect on some balances that have been created in the House, saying that, in his opinion, all the tenants would be cohesive against Francesca Pepe. The director of Chi has also pointed out a great truth, namely that the more we attack someone, the more this person grows. VOTE: 9.

ANTONELLA ELIA – Extremely elegant with a long sparkling pink dress, the columnist always stands out for her sincerity. Frank both when he says to Francesca Pepe "I identify with you" and rejoices at the news of his salvation on televoting and when he invites Maria Teresa Ruta to give more space to her daughter Guenda Goria, she is also a key presence this year for reality TV. VOTE: 8.

PIERPAOLO PRETELLI – Called by Alfonso Signorini in the confessional together with Elisabetta Gregoraci, the ex of Ariadna Romero made an important and very clear statement. After several days at the center of media attention due to the clear approach to the Calabrian presenter, the first velino – together with Elia Fongaro – in the story of Antonio Ricci's satirical news broadcast gave space to sincerity. In front of a video of the days preceding the episode in which Gregoraci asked Pretelli what he was thinking, the 30-year-old Lucanian replied “Do I say so, Alfonso? That I wanted to kiss her ". Pierpaolo, later, was also able to show his sweetness as a father by letting himself go to the emotion after the video greeting of Quentin and Jacques, the partner and son of Myriam Catania. VOTE: 9.

ELISABETTA GREGORACI – Visibly embarrassed by the questions about her relationship with Pretelli, the host of Battiti – Live did not go too far, defining her travel companion as "tender". She definitely recovered when, speaking of Naomi Campbell's visit to her ex-husband Flavio Briatore in Monte Carlo – documented with a photo on Instagram – she specified that she had never been jealous of the supermodel. Let's face it: considering that we are talking about one of the most beautiful women in the world, not all of them would have reacted like this! VOTE: 8.

TOMMASO ZORZI – Reprimanded by Signorini for his questionable reaction to Garko's speech, the Milanese influencer, then sent to the cucurio by Francesca Pepe, responded with disappointment, specifying that if that's the way it is, he'll go away. One comes to echo Pupo's question and ask oneself, as the columnist did, when we will see the person and not the character. VOTE: 4.

FRANCESCO OPPINI – The son of Alba Parietti and Franco Oppini, whose faces during conversations with travel companions went viral on the web, opened his heart remembering his ex-girlfriend Luana, who tragically passed away in 2006 due to a accident. "She was life, and when people are life there is never death, in any case": these are the words that the 38-year-old dedicated to his youthful love. Francesco also recounted his love for his current partner, Cristina Tomasini, calling her "an angel fallen from heaven". A fantastic example of strength and ability to move forward by looking with grateful eyes at the beauty of the past. VOTE: 10.

MASSIMILIANO MORRA – Obviously in difficulty during the meeting between his current girlfriend Dalila Mucedero and Adua Del Vesco, the 35-year-old actor has shown that he has no intention of integrating into the group dynamics, showing an attitude that is certainly not functional to the general context and who did not play in his favor (Myriam Catania, not surprisingly, convinced to let him out sent him to the cucurio stating that she believed in the strength of the game with the group). VOTE: 5.

MYRIAM CATANIA – It is not always easy to tell with serenity a love that has ended after a long journey as a couple. It takes maturity and the ability to look at what has been lived with clarity and without regrets. During the fifth episode of Il Grande Fratello Vip 5, Myriam Catania has brought all this to the fore. Speaking of Luca Argentero, with whom he shared 12 years of life, he stated that the actor was "a great companion". The actress and voice actress, as already mentioned, then received a video message from her partner Quentin and her son Jacques, in front of which she let herself go to emotion. VOTE: 8.

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