GF Vip, small accident for Antonella Elia after Sossio's joke

GF Vip, small accident for Antonella Elia after Sossio's joke

Small accident to Big Brother Vip during a water balloon race between Antonella Elia and Sossio Aruta

There are only two days left until the end of Big Brother Vip: the long-awaited final is scheduled for April 8 and the atmosphere among the tenants of the Cinecittà bunker is increasingly thrilled.

As is now known, the reality show conducted by Alfonso Signorini was supposed to end in late April, but the closure was anticipated. Inside the house, the remaining "Vippons" try to spend time between chatter, games and laughter, waiting for the very few days that now separate them from the end of their adventure.

However, jokes do not always end well: this is what happened to Antonella Elia, the protagonist of a small accident during a water balloon race.

But let's go in order: everything started right from the showgirl, who thought well to hit Sossio with a mix of flour and cheese, while he was lying in the garden to relax. The former footballer then wanted to avenge himself, starting to launch water canisters.

Moreover, the two competitors never miss an opportunity to make jokes with each other. So, having filled a bucket of water, Aruta began to chase the roommate for the kitchen, but at a certain point, between screams and laughter, both slipped: to have the worst Antonella Elia, who falling backwards slammed the head on the floor.

The showgirl remained in pain on the ground for a few seconds, leaving the other tenants breathless, who immediately rushed to see what had happened. After getting up she said several times "Ouch, what a header!", Immediately receiving help from other competitors, clearly worried about what happened.

Then the boys accompanied Elijah to the warehouse, while the direction of Big Brother detached the images on her, moving on to another shot. This expedient served to get the medical staff – always present in the house to intervene at any time – who visited Elia.

Fortunately, it was not necessary to resort to external care but, due to the fall and the consequent impact with the floor, the doctor will have to visit it also in the next few hours to evaluate the presence and extent of any head injury.

Only a great fright for Elia: after the visit he reassured his companions, claiming to be well. While awaiting the results of the examinations, in the meantime, it will remain under control, but its early exit from the House is not expected, at least for the moment.

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