GF Vip, Stefania Orlando's husband replies to Antonella Elia

GF Vip, Stefania Orlando's husband replies to Antonella Elia

After the quarrel between Antonella Elia and Stefania Orlando, Simone Gianlorenzi sends a message to the columnist of the "GF Vip"

Simone Gianlorenzi, husband of Stefania Orlando, replies to Antonella Elia after the clash between the showgirl and the columnist in the second episode of the GF Vip. In fact, just before Orlando crossed the red door, Elijah accused her friend of speaking ill of her. "I wonder why you invited me to your wedding if he goes around talking badly about me – he said -. Maybe to make up the numbers, to get more paparazzi and be sure to get out in the newspapers ”.

Antonella challenged Stefania with a few sentences: "You reported that last year, among the people in the house, I was the one you liked least, which may also be, but I don't expect certain statements from a friend. Then, however, you said that I am a provocateur, why he invited me to the wedding ". Orlando defended itself and, while confirming her words, said she had great respect for the former star of Non è la Rai. Simone Gianlorenzi, Stefania's husband, also spoke on the matter. “Dear Antonella Elia – he wrote on social media – we invited you to our wedding out of sincere affection. You had a great vacation the year before with Stefy and I enjoyed you when you talked to me about Slash ".

Before crossing the red door, Stefania Orlando also commented on the words of her ex-husband Andrea Roncato who said he didn't want to talk about her. “Comparison to Big Brother Vip? I don't think about it – he told the weekly magazine Mio -. Stefania and I have been married for two years, but for 23 years now I haven't had anything to do with her anymore. They will call her husband ", she specified in an interview with the weekly Mio:" I would like to go on TV to present a film ".

“I will not watch it, nor will I televote it – he added – […] I don't see what it can tell about me that has never been told. He may say I was no good as a husband, okay. I could tell many things, but I never did because I believe they are our business. If she thinks it's right to tell about me, that's fine, but I wouldn't go on TV to fight. Dignity is priceless ”.

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