GF Vip: Stefano Bettarini is disqualified, Parietti enters the House

GF Vip: Stefano Bettarini is disqualified, Parietti enters the House

Alfonso Signorini opened the episode of the GF Vip by announcing a harsh provision for Stefano Bettarini

The new episode of Big Brother Vip gave us endless surprises: the evening began with news that left everyone stunned inside the House. As rumored several hours before the appointment, Alfonso Signorini has in fact announced a new disciplinary measure.

Last week the GF Vip had seen two harsh penalties against as many competitors. Paolo Brosio and Andrea Zelletta both guilty of an important infringement of the regulation, having told their roommates things coming from outside, and which should have remained secret. For this reason they ended up directly in the nomination, risking elimination. This time, however, the punishment was much tougher.

Stefano Bettarini, who entered during the previous episode, let out a blasphemous curse while he was chatting with the other boys of the House. This did not go unnoticed by the most attentive viewers, and soon the news made its way around the web, where many users asked that the production take action. On the other hand, remember that several weeks ago Denis Dosio was disqualified for this very reason, so it was logical to ask what would have happened to Bettarini.

Alfonso Signorini decided to address the issue immediately: as soon as he connected with the competitors, he called Stefano into the confessional and confronted him with a fait accompli. The former player promptly apologized, declaring himself ready to accept any decision the editorial team had taken. Back with the others, Bettarini listened to the verdict: for him, the conductor announced the immediate disqualification. His is a real record, since he stayed in the house for just 3 days.

But the emotions did not end there: as Signorini had already announced, Alba Parietti made her entrance to Cinecittà to meet her son Francesco. The showgirl has made a lot of talk in recent weeks, because on Instagram she has always stood in defense of Oppini. But she did not hold back when the latter uttered really unhappy sentences, declaring herself to be in agreement with any measures that had been adopted to punish her outings.

Francesco, for his part, opened up together with the other competitors of the GF Vip and admitted that he wanted to find a relationship with his mother. So, the editorial team gave him a wonderful surprise: their meeting was really moving, with both of them in tears for the great emotion. And finally he and Alba had a chance to clarify.

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