GF Vip surprise, Elettra Lamborghini will enter the House on New Year's Eve

GF Vip surprise, Elettra Lamborghini will enter the House on New Year's Eve

During "Casa Chi" Gabriele Parpiglia surprisingly reveals that Elettra Lamborghini will enter the House of GF Vip

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After the announcement of the Geneva Lamborghini forfeit, now it seems it's up to Elettra to enter the House of the GF Vip for a very special occasion.

This was revealed by Gabriele Parpiglia, who, during Casa Chi, the Tuesday talk show held on the Facebook page of the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini, announced the upcoming entry of the most famous of Lamborghinis in the Cinecittà loft.

According to the journalist and television author, Elettra will enter the GF Vip for New Year's Eve, to cheer up the tenants of the house with her exuberance and also entertain the audience of the Canale 5 reality show during the live broadcast for the last day of this fatal 2020.

The new bride, therefore, will take the place, even if only for one evening, of her sister Ginevra who should have been among the new competitors of this very long edition, as Alfonso Signorini had announced in early December. The young woman, however, would have pulled back at the last moment due to problems of a contractual nature: "She expected, on a contractual level, that once she entered the house, neither her sister Elettra, with whom she absolutely did not agree, nor of his family. But then sorry what are we talking about? ”, Explained the conductor to justify the step back.

On Instagram, however, Ginevra Lamborghini had denied this version of the facts, claiming that things went differently.

"It amazes me to hear about my" alleged claims "- he wrote -, but the lack of professionalism amazes me even more because, in my small way, I have always been taught that official announcements are made when there is consent from both parts. Speaking of me free from any "presumed claim", well you are already doing it … shame about the slips in bad taste ".

Relations between Ginevra and Elettra do not seem exactly idyllic, so much so that the former, who between the two is the elder sister, did not even participate in the marriage of the latter with Afrojack.

“Why wasn't my sister present at the wedding? – Electra had commented on the pages of Chi -. Next to us there were people of the heart, only those we wanted ". A phrase that well describes the tensions evidently still ongoing between the two heirs of the Lamborghini family.

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