GF Vip, the best and worst of the season

GF Vip, the best and worst of the season

The GF Vip ends with Paola Di Benedetto's victory, but Alfonso Signorini triumphs

GF Vip, who enters the house: the names of the official competitors

Big Brother Vip ended with Paola Di Benedetto's victory and an edition that will go down in history. There are many moments that have marked, for better or for worse, this season of reality television which has been among the most followed and discussed programs. After Ilary Blasi's farewell, Alfonso Signorini staked everything on a strong cast and won. Many dynamics born in the Cinecittà house and which have fascinated viewers, also thanks to protagonists who have never backed down.

From Antonella Elia, at the center of numerous disputes, to Fernanda Lessa and Andrea Montovoli, who told their past without fear, up to Adriana Volpe, who abandoned the game first. Everyone left their mark on GF Vip, for better or for worse. Let's find out our report cards and the tops and flops of this season.

ALFONSO SIGNORINI: 9. The presenter has won a double challenge: that of making the public forget Ilary Blasi, but above all of conducting a reality show in a situation far from simple. The GF Vip resisted thanks to him. "It was my first time and it wasn't easy for me – he revealed during the final – I tried to do my best". And it was a triumph.

PAOLA DI BENEDETTO: 8. Girl water and soap, never over the top, Paola Di Benedetto has won this edition of the GF Vip. The audience rewarded her sweetness, but also the sincerity and desire to never overdo it. A right choice, also confirmed by Paola's announcement that, after having proclaimed her love for Federico Rossi, reveals that she will donate all the prize money to charity.

ANTONELLA ELIA: 7. Needless to turn around, she was the great protagonist of this GF Vip, at the center of arguments and verbal confrontations. It's impossible to remain indifferent to Mike Bongiorno's former valley, who never backs down when it's time to say what he thinks. In the reality show she also revealed her frailties and a difficult past that nobody knew. Strong, proud and profound: we like it!

FERNANDA LESSA: 6. A woman like her could not help but clash with Antonella Elia. Strong personalities and a history of rebirth were the strengths that brought her to the GF Vip, but something went wrong and Fernanda often stumbled, making mistakes. However, his remains an extraordinary adventure.

ADRIANA VOLPE: 9. If there is a moral winner of the GF Vip it is definitely her. Adriana Volpe left the game early due to some family problems, but she won the hearts of the public. Not only did she manage to get through the clashes with Antonella Elia unscathed, but she also showed firmness and strength. She never raised her voice, even when she was convinced she was right, and always said what she thought with grace and smile.

PATRICK RAY PUGLIESE: 9. It is not a mystery that he was among the favorites of the public who chose to save him several times. Patrick, veteran of the GF Vip, has always played clean and has conquered everyone with his genuineness. Funny, smiling and often tender, he was one of the most positive characters of this edition of the reality show.

ANTONIO ZEQUILA: 6. For him, the GF Vip was a missed opportunity. We discovered something more about the person hiding behind the character, between the pain for the father and the love for Marina. But most of the time the "VIP" has taken over. The quarrels with Adriana Volpe, with whom she claims to have had a flirtation, and with Paola Di Benedetto, were not liked. And when he left the house, Antonio did not say goodbye to anyone, disappointing his roommates.

PAGO AND SERENA ENARDU: 5. Pago was among the candidates to win this GF Vip after the disappointment of Temptation Island Vip, but the entry of Serena Enardu changed the cards on the table. Difficult to understand the dynamics of the couple and a love that, perhaps, deserved a clarification away from the cameras. Pago and Serena thus penalized each other and went out one after the other. Sin!

CLIZIA INCORVAIA: 4. The public did not like the sentence against Andrea Denver like Alfonso Signorini and the influencer left the GF Vip. Clizia, queen of gossip and Instagram, seemed like a person destined to be discussed, but not even the story with Paolo Ciavarro convinced the public. Many criticisms for the model who failed to reveal anything about herself and remained trapped in her own character.

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