GF Vip, the clash between Alex and Aldo and three things that (perhaps) you missed

GF Vip, the clash between Alex and Aldo and three things that (perhaps) you missed

Episode full of comparisons that of “Big Brother Vip”, which saw Alex Belli as the protagonist: what did you miss

GF Vip 6: the official cast

The fifteenth episode of Big Brother Vip turned out to be really crackling, with many comparisons – first of all that between Alex Belli and Aldo Montano, up to now great friends inside the House – and exciting moments that know how to touch the heartstrings of the viewers. If you missed the appointment with the reality show, here you can find some of the most interesting moments of the episode.

Alex Belli against everyone: friendship with Montano is undermined

Undisputed protagonist of the episode, Alex Belli was at the center of many comparisons and discussions during the live appointment with Alfonso Signorini. It all started from Halloween, which has definitely cracked relations within the most spied on house in Italy.

During the episode Belli had the opportunity to confront Gianmaria, with whom relations have cracked day after day: Alex is convinced that Gianmaria “is a fake”, Gianmaria for his part accused him “of being an actor all the time. “. However, it was not the only contrast he had during that evening: the actor also had the opportunity to talk about Aldo Montano, one of his friends in the Cinecittà loft. In the confessional Belli invited him to “come out into the open” and “to abandon the aplomb as an Olympic champion”.

Words that stunned the sportsman, furious because Belli, instead of asking directly for a confrontation with him, preferred to let off steam in the confessional. Belli tried to tone it down by inviting his friend to laugh about it, but the discussion seems to be far from over.

Francesca Cipriani, sensitivity never shown

Alfonso Signorini wanted to show a different Francesca Cipriani: the showgirl was moved by looking at her photos as a child and remembering the difficult moments of her childhood, marked by the divorce of her parents when she was only 7 years old. She was surprised by a video message from her father, whom she has not seen for more than two years due to Covid: “Dear Francesca, we have lost pieces of everyday life together, but I am proud of you. You do not know what it means to lie, you are pure inside and good and for me this being like this is the best gift that life has given me “.

Sophie Codegoni, the meeting with the father

An exciting meeting between Sophie Codegoni and her father, with whom relations have not always been idyllic. Despite being very close, Sophie has admitted that she has not made him feel fundamental too many times and that she has never told him to consider him a point of reference, and for this she would like to apologize. The two met in the garden of the house, where they had a very touching confrontation: “You decided to come here and I did not agree, because this exhibition seemed to me a threat to our privacy. But then I started seeing and listening to you, I’m very happy with how you articulate your thoughts and reasoning and that’s why I thought I’d tell you something I’ve never told you: I’m really proud of you “.

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