GF Vip: the contestant Mariana Rodríguez attacks Belen

GF Vip: the contestant Mariana Rodríguez attacks Belen

A few days after the GF Vip Mariana Rodriguez was confirmed as a new competitor. And the model spares no arrows in Belen

Big Brother Vip is about to leave and Mariana Rodriguez has confirmed that he will be one of the competitors inside the most spied house in Italy.

The Venezuelan model has revealed that she is ready to test herself in the new television program, without sparing some attacks on Belen Rodriguez.

In fact, there has been a rivalry between the two for some time, linked by the fact of having the same surname. A certain antipathy also confirmed by Mariana Rodriguez herself, who speaking of Belen has not spared some arrow.

"She has a well-started career, people know everything about her, live with gossip, she is a determined girl" explained the new competitor of Big Brother Vip.

According to Mariana from Belen there would be a certain jealousy towards him: “A strange thing happens. When I'm shopping and people stop me and say 'Do you know that Belen has done her hair like you?' I think it's a coincidence "he explained smiling maliciously. Certainly inside the house of Big Brother Vip we will see some beautiful ones, given that Mariana Rodriguez promises sparks and spicy revelations, not only on Belen.

"I was with Jared Leto" he explained "A passionate story that I remember with pleasure".

Finally a warning to the other competitors: "I will win Big Brother Vip".

In the program conducted by Ilary Blasi, Mariana Rodriguez will have to deal with a cast of VIPs ready to do battle. Not only the tronisti of Men and Women, Andrea Damante and Costantino Vitagliano, but also the sportsman Clemente Russo and the ex-husband of Simona Ventura, Stefano Bettarini. Among the women there will be Pamela Prati, Elenoire Casalegno and Antonella Mosetti who will enter with her daughter Asia Nuccetelli, but above all Valeria Marini who in a recent interview said that she will be the "sexy bomb of Big Brother Vip". We will see some beautiful!

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