GF Vip, the Gregoraci-Pretelli crisis and other anticipations

Elisabetta Gregoraci

Time for comparisons to the "GF Vip". From the Gregoraci-Pretelli case to Matilde Brandi: the previews of the next episode

The Gregoraci-Pretelli crisis and the unresolved issues between Guenda and Maria Teresa: there is all this and much more in the new episode of GF Vip. According to the first advances, the show will be full of twists. The protagonist, once again, is the ex-wife of Flavio Briatore who for some time has been experiencing a constant push and pull with the former veil of Striscia la Notizia.

Pierpaolo has never hidden the strong attraction towards the showgirl who, however, has always curbed his enthusiasm. After the revelations about an alleged new love of Elizabeth outside the house, there was a quarrel between the two. Pretelli and Gregoraci then made peace, but the model decided to close the door on a possible relationship. “I put the first instead of the fifth. For me it was very difficult because I'm not like that, I like to experience my emotions – he said to Elisabetta, without hiding his disappointment -. It is useless that I go on alone. I said to myself 'Thank goodness I decelerated', otherwise I would take a tram ride against the wall. I tried to wait for you, then I cleared my mind. I understood that affection is important for you: if I can't have what I was looking for, it can still be something else ".

Alfonso Signorini will try to clarify the story, once again pushing the competitors to expose themselves and reveal what they really think. Not only that, the conductor will bring Mario Balotelli to the House. The footballer will meet his brother Enock and there will probably also be the possibility of a confrontation with Dayane Mello, his ex who has claimed to still love him. Matilde Brandi, fresh from elimination, but above all ready to clash with Tommaso Zorzi and Maria Teresa Ruta, will also burst into the Cinecittà loft. The latter will receive a visit from her partner who will have her say on the recent clash between the presenter and her daughter Guenda Goria. The two women, although very close, discussed the actress's relationship with Telemachus, a man older than her whom Guenda began dating before entering the house.

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