GF Vip, the kiss between Zenga and Rosalinda. And Tommaso makes peace with Giulia

GF Vip, il bacio tra Zenga e Rosalinda. E Tommaso fa pace con Giulia

During the night Andrea Zenga and Rosalinda let themselves be pampered, while Giulia and Tommaso finally made peace

In the end, the kiss – or almost – between Andrea Zenga and Rosalinda Cannavò, who indulged in tender cuddles in bed during the night. The two were among the protagonists of the episode on February 15 (here our report cards), where they had to admit that they felt something for each other.

During the week the boys had already approached, with Zenga who had admitted to nurturing a particular attraction and affection for Rosalinda, but who did not want to force her or put her in difficulty in any way, given her sentimental situation with Giuliano. The girl appeared to be in a lot of crisis, especially for the sense of guilt towards her boyfriend, with whom she has been in a relationship for ten years. But the heart cannot be commanded and so she herself had to confess that she has a feeling for Andrea.

During the episode of February 15, Alfonso Signorini announced that Giuliano, through his lawyers, had distrusted the program and Rosalinda to talk about him. She felt the pinch, but probably freer from guilt, she finally decided to let herself go with Zenga, with whom she spent intense minutes of hugs and cuddles before falling asleep.

On another front, it is peace made – at least for the moment – between Tommaso Zorzi and Giulia Salemi. The latter, after the episode, appeared particularly upset at having been nominated against Stefania Orlando by almost all of the House.

“Don't do this, and then I'll start crying too”, Tommaso intervened, hugging her and specifying that their battle was over for him. “We put a stone on it. Think about fortunes, don't always think about bad things. I didn't mention you because I have nothing against you anymore, I'm not going to continue waging a stupid war that gets us nowhere. I feel bad if you stay like this, I have a heart, small but it is there. I tell you with my heart that you cannot stay like this, but for yourself ". Words that raised Giulia's morale, hurt above all by the vote received by Rosalinda, but happy to have found again the affection of her friend.

"I really love you, even if you don't understand it," he concluded.

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