GF Vip, the mother of Adua del Vesco speaks and reveals the bond with Massimiliano Morra

GF Vip, the mother of Adua del Vesco speaks and reveals the bond with Massimiliano Morra

Adua Del Vesco's mother talks about Massimiliano Morra and the choice of her daughter before entering the "GF Vip" house

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

Adua Del Vesco's mother reveals some background on her daughter's bond with Massimiliano Morra and participation in the GF Vip. In the Casa, the relationship between the two actors caused a lot of discussion: Adua first spoke about his colleague's private life, then he confessed that their love story never existed. "I know that my daughter carries within herself a pain that she cannot totally externalize – the mother told Chi, alluding to something the actress did not want to reveal -. When he read that Massimiliano would also be there at GF Vip he no longer wanted to participate. I prayed that he wouldn't go, I cried a lot because I hoped he would refuse ”.

The woman spoke of the relationship between the actors, stating that Morra would not have behaved well towards Adua. “He worked and studied Theology with high marks – he explained -. In Milan she did everything in her second life: waitress, shop assistant, employee of a rotisserie, everything. But she was serene. And her eyes were those of Rosalinda, full of life. Massimiliano made a mistake with my daughter, we know it, he knows it. But there are those who have done worse ". Adua Del Vesco's mother then criticized the behavior of Tommaso Zorzi who clashed several times with the actress during the live shows of the GF Vip. "He tore the word gay from Rosalinda's mouth, addressed to Morra, in the hotel before entering the house, he wanted to get it out at all costs and then contradicted himself […] Rosa called me after they had seen and told me: Tommaso wanted to know if Massimiliano was gay, I didn't know what to answer ”.

Adua Del Vesco's mother then spoke about Gabriel Garko. “A mother feels certain things inside her – she confessed – […] What does she want me to tell her? Gabriel? A good person, but I never asked for more, it was honestly his business. Certainly I was reading, I felt the pain that he carried inside. I didn't want to go any further because I imagined chaos and an unclear situation. Then what I imagined happened ”.

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