GF Vip, the production distances itself from Signorini and he responds on social networks

After the controversial statement by Alfonso Signorini at the “GF Vip”, the production distances itself with an official note

GF Vip 6: the official cast

Alfonso Signorini became the protagonist of an affirmation which, pronounced at the end of the last episode of Big Brother Vip, caused a sensation among the public. His opinion on a delicate issue such as abortion certainly could not go unnoticed, especially for the way it was expressed. For this reason, the production of the reality show has decided to distance itself from what happened. And Signorini’s response was not long in coming.

GF Vip, the press release from Endemol

Speaking of Giucas Casella’s concern for his dog, who could be pregnant, Alfonso Signorini let slip a very questionable sentence. “We are all against abortion, in all its forms” – said the conductor, using a plural that clashes even more within a statement that is already quite controversial. In fact, we enter the very delicate sphere of rights, in particular of what every woman has laboriously earned on the possibility of deciding about her own body. Certainly not a topic to be addressed in this way, in all superficiality, during an episode of the GF Vip.

Signorini’s statement caused a stir on the web, where it was picked up by many people – famous and not. Given the media jolt obtained from all this, the production company Endemol has decided to issue a short official note to explain its position. “In yesterday’s episode of Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini expressed his opinion on an important and sensitive issue like that of abortion, which is a right of every woman enshrined in our legal system. While respecting the opinions of everyone, as Endemol Shine Italy we express our distance from his personal position ”- reads the press release.

And again: “In all communities and in all work groups, opinions can be different, and Big Brother has always stood out for being attentive to all changes in society and to respect for civil rights”. Precisely those civil rights that Signorini has always been the spokesperson for, so much so that we would not have expected such a slip from him. His response was not long in coming, and came via social media.

Alfonso Signorini’s answer

On Twitter, the presenter left a very specific message: “Among the civil rights for which I have always fought are respect for and the defense of freedom of thought. A principle that we defend, indeed I defend, with absolute firmness. Regardless of my work groups “. No apologies or retractions for what was stated live, therefore. Indeed, a dig at the Endemol press release, as if to underline how even Signorini distances himself from what is written there.

And it is always on social media that, in the last few hours, many have expressed themselves on the incident. Many viewers did not in fact appreciate the statement of Alfonso Signorini, even hypothesizing a replacement in the race to lead the GF Vip. Among them, also many famous people. Like Sabrina Ferilli, who commented: “One step forward and two steps back. Bah”. Or Valentina Ferragni, who left a laconic: “How sad”.

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