GF Vip, the strategy against Sophie that only favors her

Sophie Codegoni

Sophie Codegoni ended up at the center of the controversy for her ambiguous behavior with Gianmaria Antinolfi which also earned her the nomination to the GF Vip

GF Vip 6: the official cast

All against all. Female solidarity is a great unknown in the GF Vip House and, indeed, they have done everything to clash and bring out old disagreements. After the obstacle Soleil Sorge, now rendered harmless by the dispute with Alex Belli, the spotlight is on Sophie Codegoni and her relationship with Gianmaria Antinolfi which she has never really clarified.

GF Vip, Sophie increasingly at the center of attention

If the intention was to overshadow it, then the attempt failed miserably. Sophie couldn’t be more in the spotlight than that, cashing in nomination after nomination to stay true to herself. Not even Manila Nazzaro was on her side, who instead challenged her every behavior – point by point – even entering into the merits of her shady friendship with Antinolfi.

It thus seemed like a free-for-all battle, with Soleil scoring yet another strategy to bring attention to himself and freeing himself from any attack on Sophie. Not to favor it but not even to bury it, with the clear goal of traveling on a parallel track that could benefit both of them.

The relationship between Sophie and Gianmaria

What has not been clear, however, is the relationship between Codegoni and Antinolfi, who have been at loggerheads for weeks now. It is also likely that her companions have turned against this lack of transparency that has continued over time, with a Sophie who, on the other hand, still appeared interested in her travel colleague and without having yet admitted it openly.

The continuous nominations have done nothing but put her in the center of attention and make her known even better to the public, who can know her for what she is. For better or for worse, he has always taken the path of sincerity even at the cost of being unwelcome, as when he unloaded Antinolfi, even if his proximity would have benefited his stay in the House.

Sophie Codegoni is living a bit of the legacy of what happened to her during her participation in Men and Women, in which she sent home a huge number of suitors. Her being sincere may take her far or demolish her, but the game played by her companions is instead bringing out her personality. And he shouldn’t waste this opportunity.

Of course, the truth is destined to always win. But a game is a game. Perhaps that extra thread of skill would be enough to make himself known and to proceed along his path, perhaps even trying to make himself understood by those who insist on seeing only superficiality. Sophie Codegoni could therefore be a great competitor, but she should learn to surpass herself.

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