GF Vip, Tommaso Zorzi: "Stefania Orlando asked me to pretend to fight"

GF Vip, Tommaso Zorzi leaves the house again due to a high fever

At the "GF Vip", Tommaso Zorzi reveals that his friend Stefania Orlando would have asked him to pretend to fight

The relationship between Stefania Orlando and Tommaso Zorzi now seems to be in crisis for GF Vip. In the last few hours, the influencer has accused the showgirl of asking him to pretend to fight only to end up at the center of the next episodes of the program. A serious accusation also supported by the words of Cecilia Capriotti and which, of course, will be discussed during the live broadcast with Alfonso Signorini.

In recent days, various tensions have arisen between Zorzi and Orlando, who have always had an excellent relationship since they entered the House of GF Vip. The bond has cracked, thanks to several discussions and the presence of Dayane Mello. In fact, during one evening Tommaso danced with the model, despite having a fight with Stefania. This unnerved the showgirl, giving rise to a fight that continued for several hours. While Orlando let off steam with Maria Teresa Ruta and Giulia Salemi, Tommaso confided in Cecilia Capriotti.

"In view of the fact that there was a Brazilian party where no one thought about it, it seemed nice to me to dance with her – he said talking about Dayane -, we were in front of dinner and we started talking". Then Tommaso confessed that Orlando would have asked him to pretend to fight. "But love, I doubt – he added -, I said it yesterday to Maria Teresa, I would never have said this if that fact hadn't happened there, because when there was the singing test they had just sent the clip of the semi-quarrel between me and her, and then Mario was practically singing and I was backstage with Rosalinda and she makes me 'listen but you want if it's a week like we fight', I told her look that when I fight with you I feel really bad. Half an hour later, over there, he does what I told you before, forget it. Did he say that to you too? ".

Capriotti said she received the same offer: “I told her but with you I would never be able because then I feel bad – she explained -, and she says no to me oh well, but I was joking. But what sense would it make then? He told me two weeks ago ”. Tommaso concluded: "Do not make me pass for what is bad, for which we have two ways of seeing friendship, we have two different ways of seeing reality. And then he complains when his clips go and says I'm only there when I fight ”.

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