GF Vip, Walter Zenga arrives. The ex-wife Roberta Termali speaks

Walter Zenga

"Woe to those who make my children suffer": Roberta Termali warns the former Walter Zenga and advises him to apologize to Nicolò and Andrea

Walter Zenga accepted the confrontation with his son Andrea and in the episode of the GF Vip on January 29th we will see the face to face between father and son. The two haven't spoken to each other for about 14 years and their family history has recently been put in the spotlight. And Roberta Termali, Zenga's ex-wife, is once again talking about the difficult relationship between the former goalkeeper and his children.

Andrea Zenga is the eldest son of Walter Zenga and Roberta Termali. We have already seen him on TV in 2018 when he participated in the Island of the Famous. After the separation of his parents, Andrea lived with his mother and the relationship with his father failed. The real reasons that led to this division which seems incurable are not known.

Roberta Termali then went back to talking about the difficult and practically non-existent relationship of Zenga and her children, although she specifies that she has no contact with her ex-husband since they left, admitting to Chi: "I want to specify a lot clearly, to avoid any misunderstanding, I don't want to talk about Walter, because I haven't heard from him for a long time and he could tell me 'mind your business'. And the same must be true for him towards me. It belongs to a life that no longer exists. We have broken up for 24 years ”.

However, he suggests a way, if not to reconnect with his children, to ease the tension. "He must apologize to his children". The problem therefore does not concern only Andrea, but also Jacopo and Nicolò and their daughter Samira Valentina. Meanwhile, the game is played with Andrea at GF Vip.

Jacopo, 31, and Andrea, 27, were born from the marriage between Zenga and Termali who explains: "I have nothing to say, except that Walter should first apologize to Niki: Andrea says so too, he also stressed in the House, because Niki suffered more and protected Andrea who was younger. Niki works in a company, 'makes the bunch'; Andrea before GF Vip was a real estate agent. Their father, their father, was not there. I can assure you that you will not see me around on other broadcasts telling the facts of our house, unlike what others do. I found it really unfair ".

Roberta Termali continued: “I hope my point of view is clear. There is no need to remember love stories that have ended, good or bad does not matter: here it is about human relationships, suffering of the heart ". And then, again from the pages of Chi, Zenga warned: “As a mother I can only say: woe to those who make my children suffer! I am a tiger, I would throw myself into the fire for them ”.

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