GF Vip, Walter Zenga is back: it's a clash between Elvira Carfagna and Roberta Termali

Walter Zenga

Walter Zenga returns to GF Vip for the showdown with his children, Nicolò and Andrea. While his ex first wife is unleashed against Roberta Termali

There is no peace for Walter Zenga who returns to the GF Vip house on February 12 for a new confrontation with his children Andrea, who is participating in the reality show, and Nicolò, both with their second wife, Roberta Termali. Speaking of ex, the first wife, Elvira Carfagna, mother of Jacopo, first child of the former goalkeeper, also took the field.

Accusations, recriminations, twists and turns, increasingly intricate plots, the Zenga case seems to have no end and the protagonists of the story increase. Waiting to see how Walter will get along with GF Vip in dealing with the children (Zenga had already had a meeting with his son Andrea in the GF Vip House two weeks ago) who accuse him of being an absent father, Elvira Carfagna says the his and he takes it out on Roberta Termali, in the center together with the former footballer of the family matter. It goes without saying that she is not spared any hard blows by Zenga's first wife.

La Termali therefore seems increasingly isolated. Only a few days ago, her second husband, Andrea Accoroni, intervened, who in an interview with Nuovo, taken up by Barbara D'Urso in Afternoon Cinque, had surprisingly taken the defense of Zenga and underlined how the relationship between the father and the children can only be mended if the two parents are willing to clarify. But let's go back to the declarations of Carfagna.

Still in one of the drawing rooms of D’Urso, Elvira pointed the finger at her now former rival, Roberta Termali, revealing: "Roberta Termali pretended to be my friend and got engaged to my husband". Barbarella does not comment, but her son Nicolò thinks to defend the presenter, who from the pages of Who threatens: “I do not accept in any way that my mother attacks her. She doesn't touch herself “. After all, even Termali herself had declared that she was ready to pull out her nails like a lioness, to protect her cubs.

And while new details are appearing on the family management of the Zenga house, including the 60 thousand euros and the villa in the Marche that the former goalkeeper would have given to his sons Andrea and Jacopo, Elvira Carfagna takes off a few pebbles from her shoe providing D'Urso with some details on as Roberta Termali blew her husband.

When Carfagna met Termali for work, she was married to Walter Zenga and confesses: “She wanted to take my husband away from me. She came to my house by deception, I'm sure otherwise I wouldn't say it ". To give support to Elvira we think Caterina Collovati, wife of Fulvio Collovati, former teammate of Zenga, who said: "I remember, in that period we were great friends, our husbands played together: she called me one day and he said he had witnessed a scene he could not tell me. I remember her tears on the phone. She won't tell it because it was a private scene, but that's how it went ”.

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