Ghemon responds to Mara Venier after failing to perform on Domenica In


After the controversy and failure to perform at Mara Venier's "Domenica In", Ghemon writes to fans.

Sanremo 2021, the singers in the competition of the 71st edition

Ghemon responds to Mara Venier after the non-performance on Domenica In. The singer, among the Big players competing in Sanremo 2021, should have performed during the Sunday program. After the end of the Festival, where Amadeus crowned the Maneskin winners, Mara created a special dedicated to the festival, with many guests and singers.

Among the performances foreseen also that of Ghemon which however did not go on stage due to lack of time. The presenter herself explained the situation to Domenica In and invited the artists to return, but the controversy, as was to be expected, was not lacking. After the long-distance clash between Elisabetta Sgarbi and Mara Venier, due to the absence of the Extraliscio, Ghemon also decided to comment on the story.

“I'm sorry for those who waited for me in front of the television – wrote the singer from Sanremo 2021 -, but I will not perform on Sunday In for reasons due to the timing of the broadcast. Anyway, I was here outside the building and I called the intercom three or four times but I think they had loud music and they didn't hear me ”.

During the episode of Domenica In, Mara Venier replied to the words of Elisabetta Sgarbi, angry at the absence of Extraliscio in the broadcast. "They invite Gli Extraliscio (a group of 6 musicians + a technician) to the broadcast weeks before – he told Adnkronos – they make them stop one more day in Sanremo, they summon them first at 16.30, then at 15.30, subject them to tampons, and then they send them back home, without making them exhibit and without making them say a word about their presence in Sanremo. It would have been enough to shorten everyone's performances, without making aribitrary and offensive selections. A total lack of respect, unworthy to accompany a festival like the one that has just ended, carried out with heroism and courtesy ".

Venier replied to Sgarbi's sister live: “I don't have the pleasure of meeting you, my dear lady – she said -. No one has been sent away here. Perhaps you should have some respect for the Pope, for Pope Francis. We started very late for the live broadcast with Pope Francis. Before insulting me, my authors, be well informed. We didn't get a chance. They will probably return on Domenica In, but in the meantime, calm down, for heaven's sake ”.

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