Ghost, the curiosities and the background on the protagonists of the film

Ghost, the curiosities and the background on the protagonists of the film

It is one of the most iconic films of the nineties: "Ghost" made entire generations dream and move. The curiosities and the background of the film

Ghost, what you don't know about the most moving film ever

It is one of the most iconic films of the nineties, which made entire generations dream and move. Ghost is one of the most romantic films in the history of cinema, which brought to the big screen a love story that crosses time and space, which goes beyond death.

The love story between Molly (Demi Moore) and Sam (Patrick Swayze), who became a ghost after being killed during an attempted robbery, made millions and millions of spectators cry. The film was also very successful thanks to the extraordinary interpretation of Whoopi Goldberg, who in fact won the Oscar and the Golden Globe for best supporting actress. The film also won the Oscar for best original screenplay.

After all, it was a real box office success: grossing around 506 million dollars worldwide, against a production budget of just 22 million, it was the highest grossing film of 1990.

Maybe not everyone knows, but Demi Moore was not the director's first choice: candidates for the lead role were also Nicole Kidmane and Meg Ryan, but in the end she was cast because she was perfectly able to cry on command from both eyes. Among other things, Moore – who had auditioned with very long hair – had not warned the director that he was planning to wear a short bob: when Jerry Zucker saw her he was shocked, but shortly afterwards he himself admitted that the cut it was perfect for the character.

Also for the role of Sam Wheat many already famous actors were tried: Kevin Bacon, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, but almost all of them refused. None of them accepted and the role was assigned to Patrick Swayze, who completely convinced the director when he saw a previous interview in which the actor was moved by talking about his father.

The scene in which Molly models the clay pot is one of the best-known scenes in the entire cinematography. Swayze stated that it was the sexiest thing he had ever done in a movie. The "collapse" of the vase, among other things, was not foreseen by the script. It happened by chance and when the actors realized it they continued to act spontaneously, improvising the sequence which was then used in the final editing of the film.

The scene became so iconic that it was the subject of parody in several films: the most famous one is certainly in the film Una pallottola blunt 1 and 1/2; the smell of fear with Leslie Nielsen: director David Zucker wanted to pay homage to his brother Jerry in a funny way, including her in the comedy.

While filming to shoot the scenes where he is a ghost, Patrick Swayze was forced to chew ice, so that his breath would be invisible. The apartment in which much of the story takes place really exists: it is located in Soho, New York, on Prince Street, on the corner of Greene and Mercer Street. In 2015 it was put up for sale for $ 10 million.

Another curiosity concerns the iconic song of Ghost, Unchained melody: it was written in 1965 by the Righteous Brothers and after 25 years, thanks to the release of the film, it returned to the charts, placing itself in first position.

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