Giancarlo Giannini on Domenica In, the successes and best wishes to Monica Vitti: "An amazing actress"

Giancarlo Giannini on Domenica In, the successes and best wishes to Monica Vitti: "An amazing actress"

The actor recently earned a star on the Walk of Fame, confirming his career and international success.

Monica Vitti, a life in images

Guest at Domenica In, Giancarlo Giannini retraced a part of his long career, to remember some incredible moments in his life. As the icing on the cake, there was also an important recognition to once again consecrate the actor, famous all over the world.

Giancarlo Giannini and Rodolfo Valentino are officially the only two actors to have won a star on the famous Walk of Fame. In fact, this very important award for Giannini's career has also arrived. Hers is a life full of incredible successes, some of which were celebrated in Mara Venier's living room.

Giancarlo Giannini affectionately told Monica Vitti, who turned 89 on 3 November. “Dramma della jealousy” with Marcello Mastroianni and Vitti, was one of the first important films in which Giancarlo took part.

Monica has always been generous in her work. A true professional, an amazing actress.

He recalled Giancarlo, who considers himself very lucky to have met incredible professionals along his path, just like Monica. Even the hostess wanted to remember the great actress with love, with a revelation:

I owe the first "Domenica In" to Monica, she was one of the protagonists of that year and supported me, who was a semi-unknown

A small piece of the film "Overwhelmed by an unusual fate in the blue sea of ​​August" was also shown in the studio, 1974 film, in which Giancarlo Giannini is the protagonist along with another great actress, Mariangela Melato. An international success also the subject of a famous remake interpreted in 2002 by singer Madonna together with Giannini's son, Adriano.

Giancarlo said that Lina Wertmuller was also fundamental for his career, confirming once again that it is thanks to people like her, met during his career, that he was able to become the great actor he is.

Giancarlo Giannini is currently working on the set of two films, which, however, like all sectors, are experiencing delays in processing due to the ongoing health emergency.

With the humility that distinguishes him, Giancarlo took his leave with the promise to return to Mara Venier, wishing everyone good wishes for the future without thinking so much about the past.

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