Giancarlo Magalli reveals: "I kicked Heather Parisi"

Giancarlo Magalli reveals: "I kicked Heather Parisi"

Magalli talks about the relationship with Heather Parisi and reveals that she gave him a kick on live TV

Michela, the splendid daughter of Giancarlo Magalli

Giancarlo Magalli talks about the clash with Heather Parisi with whom he worked in the past and reveals that he gave him a kick live. The conductor was a guest of Da noi … a freewheel, the program conducted by Francesca Fialdini. The king of I Fatti Vostri spoke of his relationship with the American showgirl with whom he would have clashed several times.

Not only Adriana Volpe, Magalli revealed that she also had problems with Lorella Cuccarini's eternal rival. “At Heather Parisi I wouldn't take the character – he revealed -. He does not have an easy character, he often quarrels. He did it with me when we did a program called 'Hello weekend' ".

"If it is true that I kicked her? – added Giancarlo -. I kicked her in the ass, yes. He stood before me when he spoke. On the third time, I kicked her. And she turned around, live, and said 'You kicked me' and I said 'Yes and if you get in front of me I'll give you another'. But then in the end we had a good relationship. "

The presenter then talked about his career, confessing that he could leave the TV in a few years. "I have not yet told anyone that I would not want to work for up to 100 years – he clarified -. I am happy with my path, my career, my life. I am healthy, thank God. In four, five years I would like to enjoy retirement. I haven't said it yet but it's a thought I have. "

In private Magalli is very close to his daughters: Manuela and Michela, the first born from the marriage with Carla Crocivera, the second from the union with Valeria Donati. “When I am not working I am at home, I cook, I work, I am on the phone – explained the presenter to Fialdini -. I don't do performances. Now everyone who stays at home feels compelled to tell poems, explain films, play board games, sing songs. I don't do anything, I respect others and I don't impose my presence. Unfortunately I don't see my daughters, I suffer but I can stand. Then I order unnecessary things online that I will never use. "

“I have had two marriages, but both are calm – clarified Magalli -, a daughter was born from each. With both of my ex-wives they are on excellent terms. At Christmas we are all together. It is an extended family, indeed wide open. There is a relationship of friendship and affection. "

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