Giancarlo Magalli, shot against Adriana Volpe. And Samanta Togni enchants at I Fatti Vostri

Giancarlo Magalli, shot against Adriana Volpe. And Samanta Togni enchants at I Fatti Vostri

Incandescent debut of I Fatti Vostri. Giancarlo Magalli does not spare Adriana Volpe. While Samanta Togni is gorgeous in white

Giancarlo Magalli makes his debut with the new season of I Fatti Vostri and takes the opportunity to throw a dig at Adriana Volpe. While at his side Samanta Togni enchants with the white dress.

I Fatti Vostri restarts on Rai 2 for the 2020-2021 season and Magalli takes the opportunity to remember all the orchestra masters and presenters who have followed one another in recent years, introducing the theme of alternation. Say hello to Demo Morselli and Roberta Morise for whom the conductor fought last summer so that they were not replaced, without however achieving the goal. And so he finds himself welcoming Samanta Togni and Stefano Palatresi, his new travel companions. "In a program that lasts thirty years it alternates, things change. Maestro Palatresi was with us years ago and returns, Maestro Morselli, this year after two years he stayed at home, Robertina Morise, whom we also greet, to whom we love very much, he is not there, he alternates with Samanta, because it is normal to alternate ”.

Then he remembers that he too has alternated with other presenters and mentions the names of Fabrizio Frizzi, Alberto Castagna, Gigi Sabani, Massimo Giletti. At this point, Giancarlo Magalli launches the sibylline phrase which has been interpreted as a dig at Adriana Volpe. "The alternation is normal, I must say that in general people take it well, except for someone who complained and they are, strangely, those who have been there the most! Those who have been ten years have complained about the alternation but oh well, maybe one day they will come back too, when I am dead ".

An almost unexpected thrust, if you think about the onset of the speech. But obviously the aftermath of the controversy, which has been going on for years, is not over yet. And perhaps Magalli wanted to remove a few pebbles from his shoe after Adriana Volpe had fueled tensions during the summer, claiming to have found freedom by conducting the Every Morning program on Tv8 (read our interview with Adriana Volpe).

Meanwhile, this year alongside the presenter to Fatti Vostri is Samanta Togni, who has also intervened in some way in recent months on the Magalli-Volpe issue. For her debut, the dancer chose a little white dress that highlights her sculpted body with a plunging neckline. Togni triumphs on her debut, even if on her Instagram profile some followers would like to see her dance like in the days of Dancing with the Stars: “Back to dancing you are the Top”.

Samanta Togni

Samanta Togni – Source: Instagram

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