Gianluca Grignani in a state of confusion on the street: "They drugged me"

Gianluca Grignani in a state of confusion on the street: "They drugged me"

In an amateur video the singer was filmed in a dressing gown and slippers while pronouncing disconnected phrases through the streets of San Colombano

Gianluca Grignani is going through a very difficult period. In these days the singer has become the protagonist of almost embarrassing episodes. The latter was released in these hours through a video that portrays him in a dressing gown and slippers while wandering in a confused state on the streets of San Colombano al Lambro where his home is located.

It is an amateur clip that portrays Grignani out of himself while screaming:

They drugged me.

Then he would pronounce other incomprehensible and disconnected sentences. The video was shot a few days ago shortly before his hospitalization. In fact, on May 6 some family members called 118 to help the singer who had felt ill due to an ethyl poisoning. On that occasion, the intervention of the carabinieri was necessary, since Grignani was in a state of strong excitement. However, the story was immediately resolved and Gianluca agreed to undergo health treatment.

On other occasions Grignani has appeared revved up in public. In the past, alcohol abuse had caused him serious trouble. Fans begin to worry seriously about his health conditions which seem to be getting worse and worse.

Meanwhile, Grignani apologized to his four children, Geneva, 11 years old, Joshua Joshua, 7, Giselle, 6, and Jonah, 3:

not to be today the father that probably their schoolmates find outside the gate. However, they will understand tomorrow that what I am teaching him, not all fathers can teach it, and perhaps then the game will have been worth the candle. Above all, I would like to tell them that they needn't worry. If there is another request for forgiveness, I will do so. But if they need, they can count on the best part of me. " Again: «I had the weakness to get myself in bad situations, and my name is Grignani. I no longer have a clean criminal record, but I'm not a monster for that. Everyone in town knows me, and they know what I'm made of. Do you know what the meter is? My children invite school friends, and the parents trust them, they let them come. My house is full of children.

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