Gianni Morandi discharged from hospital: the singer returns home

Gianni Morandi discharged from hospital: the singer returns home

Gianni Morandi, after the accident that took place in the garden of his house, was finally discharged from the hospital: how is he?

Gianni Morandi and Anna Dan, the son, the photos and 26 years of love: the love story

Gianni Morandi was finally discharged today April 7, during the late morning, from the Bufalini Hospital in Cesena, where he was hospitalized for burns to his hands and legs, caused by the fire that took place in the garden of his house, while the singer was burning some brushwood. The burning shrubs had spread and Morandi, unfortunately, had found himself having to face them.

The news of Morandi's hospitalization had shaken the fans: known for being always positive, with a smile on his lips, his absence had not gone unnoticed on Social Networks. However, despite the difficulties and the treatments, the artist recorded a video in which he discussed his state of health, reassuring his followers.

How is Gianni Morandi? The conditions seem good, according to the statements of the Ausl Romagna. Probably, he will have to convalesce, but in any case he will return home, to his beloved wife Anna, who will follow him during the therapy and who will support him as always. Their love story is the great strength of Gianni, who never hid that he was grateful for having found the love of his life.

A few days ago, Morandi had talked about the pain and suffering he was facing and the fact that sedation was necessary during the medications. He had also expressed concern about his hands, more prone to burns, especially the left, with which he makes deals. However, his health is improving and the news of the discharge is very good and leaves good hopes.

Between flames and pain, the singer admitted that he was incredibly lucky: "Someone up there saved me", he said, talking about how the accident happened and above all how he found the courage to get out of it. Despite the burns reported, the conditions are good and stable and the doctors' predictions encourage Morandi to recover.

For Easter, she shared a joyful photo to say the least, posing with her egg: an always positive and grateful attitude towards life. Now, it's time to rest and above all to finish the treatment: at home, with his Anna, because love can do anything and will certainly accelerate the singer's recovery.

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