Gianni Morandi, on Instagram the photo with Anna from the hospital

Gianni Morandi ospedale

The singer posted an image showing him together with his wife Anna while helping him eat

Gianni Morandi and Anna Dan, the son, the photos and 26 years of love: the love story

The smile Gianni Morandi never loses it, at least from the images on social media where even in the most difficult moments he demonstrates that he knows how to react with strength and courage. This also emerges from the last shot that the singer posted on the Instagram profile where he is seen hospitalized, with his arms bandaged while his wife Anna is intent on helping him eat. But the shot divides.

In fact, Gianni was the victim of an accident: he lost his balance when he fell on the fire while he was burning brush, an event that caused burns on his arms and legs. For him first the emergency room and then the hospitalization at the Bufalini hospital in Cesena in the Large Burns Center. After the first days of social silence, he then returned to interact with fans, publishing a video of greetings from his favorite team, Bologna, with thanks but also with the hashtag "It's harder than expected" to underline the difficulties of the moment.

Then it was the turn of a video that sees him wearing a mask, in a hospital outfit and with the famous piece by Jovanotti in the background I am a lucky boy, words that Gianni Morandi himself then reiterated to talk about his accident: "Yes, I am he was really lucky, ”the singer said in the short clip. In support of the video, the singer then wrote on Facebook: “March 21st. It is the first day of spring and the tenth day of hospitalization. I am hospitalized at the Major Burns Center of the Maurizio Bufalini hospital in Cesena, an excellence of our region – then in the long post he added -. The first thing I want to do is thank all the extraordinary team that assists me on a daily basis, led by the primary doctor Davide Melandri. With great professionalism, everyone is helping me to overcome this delicate and difficult moment, now it's time to start moving. These are the first steps… ”.

And now he has shared a new image that sees him in the company of his wife Anna Dan, who has been by his side for the past 26 years. In the image you can see her helping the singer to eat. Gianni wrote words of deep affection for his wife: "There always comes a time when we need those who love us …", the message ends with the report – as usual – of who took the picture.

The tender image, however, has aroused controversy and perplexity on social media, as Morandi's wife was allowed to stand next to him in the hospital in the middle of the pandemic. Many have told of their experience and the fact that they have been denied access to their loved ones in hospital, even for serious interventions: "I do not hide the emotion, it is a pleasure to see this image, I would very much like someone to explain to me why dear ones, even a simple fleeting visit has been prevented. Ah, it was a fairly serious lung surgery ”.

Gianni Morandi, the post on Instagram

Gianni Morandi, the post on Instagram

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