Gianni Morandi, the dedication for his wife Anna on Facebook: "I love her like the first day"


Taking advantage of the name day, Gianni Morandi dedicated words full of romance to his wife Anna

The love that binds Gianni Morandi and Anna is deep and sincere: the singer never misses an opportunity to remember him on social media, and took advantage of his wife's name day to dedicate words full of romance to her.

On Facebook Morandi published a black and white photo in the company of his beloved Anna, accompanying her with sweet phrases:

I would like to wish my wife Anna a kiss. We met 26 years ago and we are linked by a great feeling, by a love that has always strengthened with the passage of time.

Their relationship, after so many years, is still strong and overwhelming: Gianni and Anna are still in love and accomplices, and through social networks they show their relationship made up of everyday life, laughter and an enviable understanding. As in any story there can obviously be ups and downs, even if the singer underlines how important it is to remember the love that binds them:

As in all couples there are different contrasts and opinions that lead to moments of discussion and quarrels but without ever losing mutual respect and, in the end, always with the desire to make peace.

The two met at a charity football game in Monghidoro, his town: Anna was in the stands to assist, Gianni on the field. For the singer it was love at first sight, but the woman was not immediately impressed: she said that during that first meeting she gave him a wrong phone number.

However, Morandi did not let himself be overwhelmed by Anna's initial reticence, and over time she conquered her. The couple got married in 1994, with an intimate ceremony, with a few relatives and friends. Since then the two have never split up, and three years after the wedding, in 1997, Pietro was born, who is making his way into the world of music, like his father.

Even today, Gianni Morandi cannot help remembering that meeting that changed his life, putting in the first place the emotions that, after more than twenty-five years, makes him feel:

I think ours is a very lucky meeting, I am happy with her and I love her like the first day.

Gianni Morandi and Anna

Gianni Morandi and Anna Dan. Source: Facebook

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