Gigi D’Alessio, an air of coexistence with his new girlfriend Denise

Gigi D’Alessio, an air of coexistence with his new girlfriend Denise

The relationship between Gigi D'Alessio and his young girlfriend Denise seems to be continuing at full speed. And there are already rumors of coexistence

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The rumors on the new love story of Gigi D’Alessio do not cease. The Neapolitan singer-songwriter, more than a year after the final separation with Anna Tatangelo, would have a new very young flame with whom he not only makes a steady couple, but apparently would be in the air of coexistence. The woman in question is Denise Esposito, known in Capri and with whom she seems to be proceeding at full speed.

D'Alessio has never confirmed or denied the rumors about his relationship with the beautiful Denise. After all, he has always been reluctant to talk about his private life and tries to keep away from gossip, as much as possible for a famous character like him. On the other hand, even the girlfriend does not seem particularly accustomed to the spotlight, quite the opposite.

To blow on the wind of gossip was Roberto Alessi in his column Alta Portineria (Libero Quotidiano) reported by the weekly Novella 2000, of which he is director. "The love story between the most famous Neapolitan singer-songwriter in the world and Denise Esposito continues. It seems he met her in Capri. They fell in love and someone turned their nose up at the fact that she is 24 years younger. Now they live together in alternate cities, a bit in Rome where he has a home, a bit in Naples where she lives, "wrote the journalist.

The age difference has caused quite a stir since the news caught the attention of the media and fans. With twenty-four years of difference, once again the singer-songwriter would be linked to a woman much younger than him, just as it had happened in that distant 2006 with the now ex Anna Tatangelo. At the time, the relationship aroused many controversies and gossip, especially due to the fact that D'Alessio was still married to Carmela Barbato, the mother of his children Claudio, Ilaria and Luca.

"Denise is beautiful, just look at her", wrote Alessi in his column about the new alleged flame of Gigi. But he also specified that Denise has “only one flaw: she doesn't like to appear, but not at all. Which doesn't help those like me who live on photos, news, stories and characters like Gigi D’Alessio. Denise, you hate gossip, that's fine, but close one eye and indulge yourself, I won't give up the blow ". The journalist has no intention of giving up, in the meantime, however, the new couple reserves the right to live the relationship away from the spotlight. At least for now.

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