Gigi D’Alessio and his son Luca on Instagram: voice and talent like dad

Gigi D’Alessio and his son Luca on Instagram: voice and talent like dad

Father and son, united by love for music: Luca D'Alessio and dad Gigi are the protagonists of a performance that has depopulated among fans

"Daddy, do we live me at the piano?", And so it was. Luca D’Alessio, son of the famous Neapolitan singer-songwriter, shared a very special video on Instagram in which he performs with his father in a musical performance that literally conquered the fans.

Gigi D’Alessio is at the piano and accompanies his son Luca in the performance of one of his most famous and loved pieces. Very young but with an innate talent, Luca is a true promise of music and has inherited from the singer-songwriter a truly splendid voice, which has already earned him a great success both on social networks and on YouTube and Spotify, where he shares his works with the name of LDA art.

Luca is the third child of Gigi D’Alessio, born from his first marriage with Carmela Barbato, with whom he also had two other children, Claudio and Ilaria. Father and son are linked by the great love for music, which Luca has cultivated since he was just 13 years old. The Neapolitan singer-songwriter, proud and proud of his son's talent, recently also involved him in his latest project entitled Buongiorno which they presented together with Domenica In.

Shortly before Easter, the young Luca D'Alessio turned 18 and on that occasion it was his father Gigi who gave him a nice surprise by sharing a very small video of him on Instagram, while he sings A città 'e Pulecenella, a great classic of Neapolitan song.

Luca grew up breathing music and the result is there for all to see. He began at 13, depopulating with the direct on Instagram in which he delighted in the songs of his favorite singers, such as dad Jovanotti, Adriano Celentano but above all Justin Bieber. As he told in a recent interview with Il Mattino, the idol of teenagers played an important role in his artistic training, but he was not the only one: "I love nu r'n'b sounds, and Bieber remains among my reference artists, but my father is a myth, as a man and as an artist “.

Today Luca D’Alessio is building his identity as a singer and artist, with the blessing of dad Gigi who supports him and is always by his side. And who knows if new musical collaborations will be born between the two in the future, to the delight of fans but above all of Gigi D’Alessio, proud of his talented son.

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