Gigi D’Alessio does not forget Anna Tatangelo and tries to win her back

Gigi D’Alessio does not forget Anna Tatangelo and tries to win her back

According to some sources Gigi D'Alessio would be doing everything to win Anna Tatangelo back

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Gigi D’Alessio does not forget Anna Tatangelo and prepares to win her back. According to the latest rumors released by the weekly Oggi, the singer would like to take a step back and bring the former partner back into his arms. As we know, Anna and Gigi lived an intense love story that ended after a crisis and a short flashback.

It was 2006 when D'Alessio confessed that he fell in love with the Tatangelo. At the time, the love story created heated controversy, not only because of the age difference, but also because Gigi was still married to Carmela Barbato, mother of three of her children: Ilaria, Claudio and Luca. Then the birth of Andrea, who arrived in 2010 and seven years after his farewell. In a long interview Anna had recounted the crisis with the singer, talking about quarrels and a house where she could never be alone with the man she loved. D'Alessio had reassured the fans and, gradually, he had managed to win back his ex-partner.

Finally the news of the definitive break, announced on Instagram by both. "Gigi and I haven't been together for a while," Anna explained last March. We tried, in every way, but we did not succeed. It happens to many, it happened to us too. Our paths are divided but I am sure that we will always walk next to each other for our son Andrea. It is for him – he concluded – that I hope that our privacy, in this difficult and delicate moment, will be respected ".

The reasons for the breakup? Anna Tatangelo's willingness to have another child and to marry that would clash with Gigi's other plans. According to the weekly Oggi, however, D'Alessio, after choosing to end the love story, would have thought better of it. After more than ten years of love, the Neapolitan artist would find it difficult to let his partner go. For this reason he would have decided to win back the singer of Sora.

Sources close to the ex-couple reveal that Gigi would be doing everything to convince Anna to take a step back and go back to him. Currently the two live in separate houses: D'Alessio in Amorilandia, the large villa on the outskirts of Rome, while the Tatangelo ai Parioli, in an apartment with little Andrea.

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