Gigi Hadid imitates Melania Trump to the AMAs: it's stormy

Gigi Hadid imitates Melania Trump to the AMAs: it's stormy

The supermodel targeted Donald Trump's wife in a hilarious curtain but the web did not like it and accused her of racism

Video taken from Instagram

Gigi Hadid on the stage of the American Music Awards (AMAs) launched herself into a funny curtain that could cost her dearly: she imitated the new American first lady, Melania Trump. The supermodel in a seductive red dress with a slit and mischievous cuts teased Donald Trump's wife with much irony.

Gigi Hadid, who had been assaulted in Milan by a too warm fan, fell into the role of Melania referring to the famous speech given by the first lady for which she was accused of plagiarism against Michelle Obama. He narrowed his eyes, put his mouth to heart, in the typical attitude of Mrs. Tycoon, and said in imitation of the Slavic accent of Lady Trump:

I love my husband, President Barack Obama and our daughters Sasha and Malia.

As much as the Hadid's intervention was funny and aroused hilarity during the evening, Gigi also received many criticisms via social media. Or rather, his speech caused a real media storm. The 21-year-old top has been accused of racism. The content of the comments is very heavy:

Keep modeling, you suck as an actress.

It's still:

You are unpleasant to look at.

How dare he be racist. There is no other reason to justify it.

In short, a real blow for Gigi Hadid who has over 25 million followers on Instagram. At the moment the supermodel has not responded to the accusations. And the "victim", Melania Trump, is also silent. But surely she got her revenge against those who mocked her for the flop of her speech.

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