Gigi Proietti: the memory of Brignano, the last call to Pino Quartullo and the moving letter from Edoardo Leo

Farewell to Gigi Proietti, an actor with a thousand talents who used the weapon of irony

On the day of Gigi Proietti's funeral, there are many moving tributes to the great master

Gigi Proietti was a great actor and a great man: his brilliant career, an overwhelming comedy that conquered anyone and a natural talent made him one of the masters of Italian theater, cinema and television. He died on the day he would have turned 80, and at his funeral many people paid tribute to his genius.

On Thursday 5 November, all of Rome – and with it all of us – stopped to celebrate the funeral ceremony of Gigi Proietti. A long procession passed through the city, where many entrusted the master's last farewell to dozens of banners. And then, at the Globe Theater in Villa Borghese that Proietti had strongly desired – and which will soon be given his name – his friends and colleagues gathered to commemorate his passing.

With her voice broken by emotion, Marisa Laurito greeted the great actor taking up the words of her daughter Carlotta: “This is everyone's mourning. […] Someone said that you don't die as long as others keep talking about you. Well, you will never die because nobody will forget you ”. Flavio Insinna's pain was all in his eyes, in those tears that never stopped falling. While Enrico Brignano, without holding back the enormous emotion that shook him deeply, read a splendid message.

“If I were as good as you – continued the Roman comedian, a pupil of Proietti – I would have composed a sonnet a poem. To say what you really were. And what you are now for all these people "- began the actor. "But I don't know." And then I do it in prose in my own way, as it suits me best, even if it is difficult to find the strength to greet you who opened the door of dreams to me, who were the mentor par excellence, who inspired desire in all of us students. of emulation but at the same time you taught us to be ourselves ".

In the general emotion, Paola Cortellesi also spent splendid words for Proietti, recounting her experience alongside the master. And then the letter from Edoardo Leo, a long tribute to Gigi that contains the thoughts of thousands of artists: “Thank you for being a constant point of reference for actors and performers, for having raised our profession to a dignity rarely touched before. Thank you for having trained dozens and dozens of show business workers, not just artists, and for having spent years and years of your talent and energy on teaching ".

"Thank you because, in times when people are busy discussing culture, you did it, inaugurating theaters, making them live, filling them for sixty years. Thanks for even having them build theaters, like this one in which we are greeting you and which will be your home forever. This wonderful place where today you are making the last reply "- Edoardo read with tears in his eyes, finally quoting the sonnet that Proietti himself had written for the death of Alberto Sordi. “Because you are not only a great actor, you are much more, you are Gigi Proietti”.

After the funeral, the actor Pino Quartullo revealed a touching anecdote to the microphones of RomaToday, his last phone call with Gigi: "A few days before he died, he called me and told me he wanted to make a parody of Stormy Peaks in Apulian, or Cime de Rape Tempestose. I heard him in a very cheerful voice, so I got up, I thought he had recovered and that I would soon visit him. But then suddenly this happened ".

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