Gigi shows his belly for the first time: "My pregnancy is not so important"

Gigi mostra per la prima volta la pancia: “La mia gravidanza non è così importante”

Gigi Hadid shows the baby bump for the first time on social networks and explains "My pregnancy is not the most important thing in the world"

Habemus belly. Finally, to the delight of the millions of followers, weeks after the announcement of the first pregnancy of Gigi Hadid (she will have a little girl from the 5 year old boyfriend "pull and give" Zayn Malik, in the autumn), the super model, who spent the lockdown on his mom's farm in Pennsylvania, he posted a live video on Instagram in which he thanked the fans for the support and the demonstration of affection and showed the tummy. Or rather, baby bump, given that it would already be in the sixth month.

Her pregnancy has always been kept hidden and protected: confirmation had come from the mother of model Yolanda Foster in the spring. But by then Gigi's shots on social media had thinned out, except for some photos on the occasion of his 25th birthday, April 23 2020, and others for the celebrations of his friend Leah McCarthy on her mother's farm, on July 9, with the tummy covered by a bell-shaped emoji.

Gigi then explained that he had not shown his belly in public because he wants his attention and that of his fans to be focused on the coronavirus pandemic and on the BLM (Black Lives Matters) movement.

"My pregnancy is not the most important thing that is happening in the world, so I didn't feel the need to share, except with my family and friends."

"I took many photos of my baby bump but I only sent them to my friends and family, and it was really nice and exciting to document the change of my body"

"Right now I want to enjoy every moment, I write a lot in my diary and I don't want to worry about waking up every day and having to look pretty, perfect and always publish something," added the model.

Pregnancy is an intimate and private matter. Even if your name is Gigi Hadid.

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