Ginger diet: dissolve fat and lose up to 3 kilos

Ginger diet: dissolve fat and lose up to 3 kilos

With the ginger diet dissolve the fats and lose up to 3 kg using the properties of this root

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It purifies the body and helps it lose weight: the ginger diet is ideal for those who want to melt fat and lose up to 3 kilos.

In fact, ginger has many benefits and is particularly versatile in the kitchen. Native to East Asia, this root is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat many ailments and lose weight. It has digestive and anti-inflammatory properties, is useful for treating flu states, strengthens the circulatory system, improves the digestive process and cleanses the body.

These features make ginger the best ally to get back in shape. Inside this root there is gingerol, a compound that helps burn fat and eliminate excess rolls. Its pungent and spicy flavor in fact not only makes each dish more tasty, but also helps raise body temperature and improve metabolism. In addition, ginger is useful for eliminating the sense of hunger and helping us to digest proteins and carbohydrates quickly.

Finally it is the perfect ally even for those suffering from swollen belly, because it allows to eliminate the gases that form in the intestine. How does the ginger diet work? The secret is to put this food in a balanced slimming regime.

The root should be consumed every day, in the form of an infusion or decoction, but also chewed alone or used as a condiment for your recipes. You can opt for the fresh root or for the powder, trying never to exceed the recommended dose of 30 grams a day to avoid problems.

The day begins with a ginger and lemon herbal tea, accompanied by a plain yogurt and two wholemeal rusks. At lunch you can enjoy a salmon and ginger salad or a plate of rice with prawns and ginger, accompanied by grilled vegetables.

At dinner, bet on lean proteins, choosing ginger chicken or meatballs prepared with this root, while as a side dish choose boiled vegetables seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. At the end of the day, improve digestion and eliminate excess gas in the intestine with a ginger and honey herbal tea.

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