Giorgia Palmas, her message to women after childbirth: "Everyone has their own times"

Giorgia Palmas, her message to women after childbirth: "Everyone has their own times"

Giorgia Palmas sends a beautiful message to new mothers: "Everyone has their own times"

It is a golden period for Giorgia Palmas who, with her beloved Filippo Magnini, is fulfilling her greatest dream: a beautiful family that expanded a few weeks ago with the arrival of little Mia.

Maternity is nothing new for Palmas: twelve years ago she gave birth to Sofia, born from love with the former footballer Davide Bombardini, who today has become a splendid older sister. Although it is not her first experience with diapers and bottles, you know, the post-partum period is a happy but also very delicate moment. A special period in which one can often find oneself the object of more or less veiled observations aimed at one's physical form.

A topic that seems to be particularly dear to Giorgia who wanted to talk about it on her Instagram Stories thanking her followers for the many nice words received. An important occasion to emphasize how important it is for new mothers to receive support and, why not, even some small appreciation: "I hope you will congratulate all women after giving birth because it is a very important thing".

Palmas fearlessly recovered in front of the mirror showing her physical shape a few weeks after Mia's birth. A courageous choice accompanied by an important message of solidarity to all the women who follow her with affection and, perhaps, a hint of envy: "It is right to make you understand how fit I am: this is it! The belly is still a little bit, I'm not complaining, but it's fair to say that everyone has their own times. It takes time, you just have to have a little patience and do things calmly ".

Words that are the result of a great balance probably also given by the important support of Filippo, a devoted companion, who on social networks indulged in a super special dedication to little Mia: "Me, Mia, and our magical moments. I hope to always remember, even after many years, the sensation of your little body sprawled over me ".

The tender shot, and with an eye already turned to the future, of a new dad careful not to get lost even for a moment.

Filippo Magnini and Mia

Filippo Magnini and the sweet dedication to little Mia. Source: Instagram

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