Giorgia Palmas, laughter and happiness in the photo on Instagram with Mia

Giorgia Palmas, laughter and happiness in the photo on Instagram with Mia

The showgirl shared a beautiful shot that portrays her smiling with her youngest daughter

Giorgia Palmas pregnant: expectant summer with Magnini and daughter Sofia on Instagram

A shot full of complicity and love, is what Giorgia Palmas shared on her Instagram profile and who sees her in the company of little Mia. An image that comes after a few weeks in which the showgirl was less present on social media. After the post in which she announced that she had tested positive at Covid – 19, in fact, she had only shared the most loved shots of 2020 accompanied by a year-end balance sheet.

Now she is back with a beautiful image, full of happiness, which sees her in the company of her youngest daughter while they laugh together.

Mia was born on September 25, 2020 and the joy of her arrival was shared by the new parents through their social profiles. Giorgia Palmas, already 12-year-old Sofia's mother had by the ex Davide Bombardini, had written words full of love as did her partner Filippo Magnini. Over the months, the couple has often shared with fans the joy for family and the love that unites them. And also this time Giorgia Palmas wanted to give the many followers a very sweet shot. In the photo you can see mother and daughter laughing heartily: little Mia with a beautiful and contagious smile and mother Giorgia Palmas looking at her happy. To accompany it all the words of the showgirl who wrote: "My grandmother would have said: You are as beautiful as the morning sun" to the sentence she added hearts and hashtags Mia and smiles. Do not miss the comment of father Filippo Magnini who wrote: "Our joyful infinity".

Images full of love and domestic happiness, as the couple has accustomed their followers over time. Giorgia Palmas had recently shared other images full of affection for her daughters such as the one that sees the close hands of the two sisters, or, in the days before Christmas, a photo of Sofia and Mia near the tree accompanied by the caption: "I my gifts but not Christmas, for Life. My joy, my happiness, my heart, the greatest emotion, my whole life is there #Sofia & #Mia ".

And now the spontaneous laugh between mother and daughter, which was greeted with lots of likes and comments from her many fans.

Giorgia Palmas with Mia on Instagram

Giorgia Palmas with Mia on Instagram

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