Giorgia Palmas positive at Covid: "A cold shower"

Giorgia Palmas positive at Covid: "A cold shower"

After Filippo Magnini, Giorgia Palmas also tested positive at Covid: the showgirl announced it on Instagram

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

The list of VIPs infected by the Coronavirus is getting longer and longer: Giorgia Palmas in fact also tested positive, announcing it to her fans on Instagram.

After Filippo Magnini, the showgirl also wanted to first wish a Merry Christmas to her followers, and then update them on her health conditions, with a long post on social media:

Merry Christmas to everyone! Never like this year have we recovered the meaning of this party that we would all have wanted to spend with our loved ones, just for the real pleasure of being together … Fili and I did not want anything from this Christmas, just to be with us at home, respecting the rules as we have always done, instead the cold shower arrived before the positivity at Covid di Fili and then my positivity.

As Palmas explained, at the moment both she and Filippo have not developed the symptoms of the infection, as well as her children: her eldest daughter Sofia is in fact spending the holidays with her father, former footballer Davide Bombardini, and the little girl. Mia, born in September from love with Magnini, is fine.

My dear Filippo Magnini will pass this too. Covid has caused serious damage to many people, for now it had only made us postpone "our day", now it has stolen a peaceful Christmas and put many thoughts … but together we will overcome this too.

Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini in fact were supposed to get married in March of this year, but obviously the health emergency led them to postpone the wedding. The proposal arrived just last Christmas, making it unforgettable.

The formal ceremony had been postponed to early December, but after the approval of the latest restrictions, the two decided to postpone it again. The wait, on the other hand, does not scare them: "The wedding will take place when it is possible", Filippo Magnini had declared to Verissimo.

The former tissue of Striscia La Notizia then concluded her post by writing:

The worries are there, of course, but also the positivity of spirit, and I want to hold it tight in my hands now more than ever. Now for this Christmas I have a wish and I think you all have already understood what it is …

Giorgia Palmas

Giorgia Palmas: Instagram

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