Giorgia Palmas separated from Magnini at Christmas: "Love, we'll spend this too"

Giorgia Palmas separated from Magnini at Christmas: "Love, we'll spend this too"

Giorgia Palmas and Magnini will have to spend Christmas separately because the swimmer tested positive for Covid-19

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

For Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini it will be a Christmas certainly different from what they expected, to be spent far away. In fact, the swimmer tested positive for Covid-19 and for this reason he decided to protect his family and put himself in isolation.

The athlete published a long post on his Instagram profile, in order to update his followers and let people who have come in contact with him know that he has contracted the virus, despite all the precautions:

Unfortunately today I tested positive for Covid-19. I used every precaution to avoid contagion but it wasn't enough. Now the biggest concern is for my family I hope I have not infected anyone.

It was certainly not how Filippo Magnini imagined spending the holidays, as he explained on social media:

This Christmas is going to be weird. The mere thought of not being able to hold my daughter for at least the next 10 days anguishes me. Not being able to pamper my heart Giorgia Palmas makes me sad but it is not allowed to give up. Now begins my journey towards overcoming another obstacle.

In addition to the numerous comments from fans, his beloved Giorgia also wanted to support him, writing to him: "Love, we will also pass this". For Palmas and Magnini this is the first Christmas as parents: the showgirl has in fact become a mother again for a few months.

After Sofia, his eldest daughter, born from a previous relationship with former footballer Davide Bombardini, little Mia arrived in September, the fruit of love with Filippo Magnini.

The story between the showgirl and the sportsman was born in 2018, when both came out of two important relationships: he had just closed the love story with Federica Pellegrini, while she had said goodbye to Vittorio Brumotti.

Since the beginning of history they have supported each other, living unique and exciting moments: last Christmas, in fact, Magnini surprised his partner with a very romantic marriage proposal. This 2020, during which the couple's wedding was supposed to take place, is still putting Giorgia and Filippo to the test, but it has given them the greatest joy: little Mia, the perfect crowning of their dream of love.

Filippo Magnini positive at Covid

Filippo Magnini

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