Giulia de Lellis and the look to wear both in summer and in winter!

Giulia de Lellis look

Giulia De Lellis and the look posted on social media to be copied! Let’s see together in this style guide by CheDonna the look of the influencer in detail, why it is so right from a stylistic point of view and how to recreate it from scratch!

The whole fashion sector has undergone a recent sudden change, in fact if we thought we knew all the rules and news of fashion we were very wrong! The latest trends are different, unconventional and in step with the times! Giulia De Lellis wears a look that we never would have thought of wearing but which is the real MUST-HAVE of the moment!

Giulia de Lellis look

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Giulia de Lellis is certainly one of the most followed Italian influencers on social media because of her love for fashion and her personal sense of style.

In fact, the passion for fashion has always been strong in the Roman girl, but with time, and even a little success in addition, de Lellis has built around itself not only a precise style but a real fashion soul.

And for this very reason we have to keep an eye on every movement of his style, look worn and posted, and Giulia de Lellis is not long in coming because she has shown herself on social media wearing a very interesting look from a stylistic point of view.

So no more chatter! Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see why we like the outfit of the Roman influencer so much!

Giulia de Lellis and the look that can be worn both in summer and in winter! Let’s find out the details!

If I told you the word “bikini” what comes to mind? Surely to the sea or the pool, to the summer holidays and to all our beach looks that we have yet to show off. But what we don’t really think of is the idea of ​​wearing bikinis in the winter in our evening looks. Exactly! Because this is one of the novelties of the year!

Giulia De Lellis look

Photo from Instagram

The look of Giulia de Lellis photographed and posted on Instagram just a few days ago was made up of a three-piece suit consisting of shirt / cardigan, high-waisted trousers and the bikini top. The whole beige base with floral pattern signed Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini. The outfit was combined with a fuchsia shoe with high heel and platform, laced and tied at the ankle. To close a yellow handbag signed Fendi.

The total outfit is not only trendy and in step with trends, but also anticipates what will be the fashion of winter. Because instead of your crop top or lace bralette under the jacket for winter fashion evenings, fashion says to wear in a triangle costume! maybe with some zip ties that you can tie at the waist!

In fact, the peculiarity of the de Lellis outfit is its versatility: despite the floral pattern, the look combined with stronger accessories such as an amphibian and a leather jacket can be worn for a winter evening with friends! By the way, Elodie wears the perfect summer ceremony guest look!

Giulia De Lellis look

Photo from Instagram

Did you like this style guide? So I’ll meet you next time, to get to know all the latest fashion news, and more!

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