Giulia De Lellis talks about Damante's betrayals on Instagram

Giulia De Lellis talks about Damante's betrayals on Instagram

Giulia De Lellis talks about the flashback with Andrea Damante and the betrayals on Instagram

Giulia De Lellis talks for the first time on Instagram about the flashback with Andrea Damante and the betrayals of the former tronista. The influencer, as is known, has returned to the arms of the former tronista of Men and Women after a troubled story. The two had met years ago on the Maria De Filippi show and had told their love on social media.

Deejay him, her fashion blogger, had participated in two different editions of Big Brother Vip. Then the sudden break caused by some betrayals by Damante. The painful farewell told in a book – The horns are fine on everything, but I was better off without -, then the story of her with Irama first and with Iannone after. Giulia seemed to have found the right person for her and more than once had declared that she was very much in love with Belen Rodriguez's ex.

But the love for Damante was probably much stronger. The flashback between the two, announced by photos and sightings on Instagram, caused quite a stir. Nobody, not even the most avid fans of the couple, thought that they could get back together. De Lellis, after a long silence, returned to confide in the followers and answer their questions.

To those who asked her how she still trusted Andrea after he hurt her, she said. "If you refer to the Lady: I ​​forgave him one day a long time ago (about two years ago, I don't remember anymore). When we found ourselves talking about it, all finished … In his eyes – he confessed – I perceived something strong (he understood the ca *** ta) that pushed me to close in good despite everything ". And then he added: "He was handsome, young and light (not to mention a bit with ****). It happened to everyone. "

Giulia then clarified that she cannot explain what is happening either. "But first I'd like to understand what's going on myself," he said. Regarding the book in which she narrated Damante's betrayals, De Lellis confirmed that she would write it again. "Absolutely yes. Why not sorry? It has done me and many of you good – he explained -. And yes, it came out a year after writing it, but reliving everything did me good anyway! ”.

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