Giulia Salemi strikes again! She takes the bouquet with the denim print dress

Giulia Salemi in Blumarine 22-6-22.

When you are invited to a wedding – and you are not bridesmaids – you never really know how to dress. Of course, a lot depends on the season and the location but, to avoid the usual tunic dresses, copying Giulia Salemi is an excellent idea.

Her signature denim print dress Blumarine it is part of the spring – summer 2022 collection and has a prohibitive cost for most, ie 1600 euros. However, you can still take a cue from the look of the well-known influencer for summer dinners or for the next wedding you will attend.

Giulia Salemi in Blumarine 22-6-22.

Source: Canva.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable and that the dress fits your body. What is certain is that Giulia’s look attracts but if you want you can opt for the same shade of blue jeans on models more similar to us. Let’s find out together.

We take a cue from Giulia Salemi’s signature outfit to stand out from the crowd

It is very much in the 2000s and the denim print dress reminds us of the pop stars of that period, but it is a pity that it is more difficult to find than you might think.

Denim dress 22-6-22

Source: Pinterest.

The Italian company of Anna Molinari also offers the alternative in short, always in silk, at 790 euros on the official website. She has a ton sur ton belt (following photo) and looks good with both matching boots and a thin heeled sandal.

If you want to stay on a lower expense given that everything increases every day, then let’s start with the model Summer Glam by Yamamay for only 39.95 euros. Midi length, thin straps and horizontal curls on the bust, give feminine and fresh touches to this blue garment to wear on these very hot summer days.

New Blumarine 22-6-22 collection.

Source: Pinterest.

With Imperial Fashion the mood will be more elegant. Ruffle on the left side, satin effect, hinted slit and a sky blue color that will enhance even the lightest tan. To be worn with high sandals and super chic clutch bags. It costs 79 euros.

For a real denim dress, on the other hand, there is Only, long, at € 39.99 on Zalando. Narrow at the top and wide on the skirt, it will have to be worn with a flat slipper or with a pair of white, or in any case light, sneakers to create the right contrast.

Ludovica Sauer focuses on the casual chic style with a white shirt and optical skirt, Giulia for the wedding goes out of the box that sees suits and floral dresses leaving everyone speechless. The rule is, as always, only one: let yourself go to the imagination.

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