Giulia Salemi talks about the dark period: "They cut me off from TV"

Giulia Salemi talks about the dark period: "They cut me off from TV"

From GFVip to the hardest moment of her life: Giulia Salemi talks about herself in an unprecedented way

Giulia Salemi celebrates 28 years, career and loves

We have never seen a Giulia Salemi like this. And yes, because behind the smiles and the sunny character there is something that the former GFVip competitor had not yet told.

The long interview granted to Diva and Donna contains in fact something more about his life and his private sphere, which he has only now wanted to share with the public. Fresh from the success of the last edition of Big Brother Vip, Giulia Salemi is happy today alongside Pierpaolo Pretelli even if – unfortunately – it has not always been like this.

And pain, you know, comes when you least expect it. The end of the love story with Francesco Monte has in fact brought with it a trail of pain that Giulia Salemi has faced with courage but life has put her in front of a new test. And there was no shortage of health problems:

“Three years ago I was not working, I was not happy. I had hormonal problems, I was unhealthy swollen. They brutally made me realize that I was out of place for television. I was crying. I spent my days in bed eating and watching TV series. Then I reacted. You don't have to let anyone get you down. Getting up is nice when you fall ”.

An aspect of her existence that had remained silent for a long time but which she has now wanted to tell, right now that the public has learned to know and love her. Her love affair with Pierpaolo Pretelli has in fact helped to relaunch her on TV, after she had been away from the small screen for years.

His latest statements thus provide an explanation of why he had abandoned TV for so long, also introducing some elements of his private life that until recently may have seemed unthinkable, given his always cheerful and carefree character.

A story, his, in which instead there was no lack of suffering. Since childhood, Giulia Salemi has had to fight against the prejudice of her (beautiful) oriental features, in addition to the bullying she suffered from a very young age. With her mother Fariba, now a competitor on the Island of the Famous, Giulia is fluent in the Farsi language even though she hasn't frequented Iran for some time:

“I am Catholic. My mother is Muslim but very open-minded. On Sundays I went to mass. My paternal grandmother Giulia taught me all the prayers ”.

If the traits are Persian ones, the frankness and sincerity are all from Piacenza and come from the DNA of his father Mario. The relationship with him was fluctuating and complicated after his parents divorced, but now the peace is back.

Mario Salemi is always present in Giulia's life and is her first supporter, as he demonstrated by participating as a guest at GFVip and supporting her relationship with Pierpaolo Pretelli. For some years now, Giulia has also been Margherita's proud elder sister, whom dad Mario had from a new romantic relationship.

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