Giulio Berruti renounces the GF Vip and kisses Maria Elena Boschi

Giulio Berruti rinuncia al GF Vip e bacia Maria Elena Boschi

Giulio Berruti will not participate in the GF Vip: the actor consoles himself with Maria Elena Boschi, between kisses and cuddles off Ponza

Giulio Berruti renounces the GF Vip and kisses Maria Elena Boschi. The love story between the actor and politics is progressing at full speed and the two are no longer hiding. After Giulio's participation in the reality show hosted by Signorini has vanished, the couple allowed themselves a short vacation in Ponza, between pampering and passionate kisses. Summer for Berruti and Boschi is not over yet and lovers want to spend every free minute together.

A love story that began quietly and shrouded in mystery, with both engaged in denying the existence of a relationship, despite the numerous paparazzi. From the trip to the park with his parents, to the romantic lunch at the seaside restaurant, up to the motorbike trip: the feeling between the two has grown over time to become an important and strong feeling.

Giulio and Maria Elena have formed the most passionate couple of summer 2020. The lovers have allowed themselves small escapes of love, spending the days on the boat and letting themselves go to cuddles and hugs away from prying eyes. The weekly magazine Who spotted them in Ponza, for the last holiday before returning to life as usual. In the shots, Boschi is gorgeous wearing a red bikini, while she bites her partner's shoulder, laughing. He reciprocates by kissing her and stroking her face, in a crescendo of passion.

Alfonso Signorini revealed that the Roman actor was ready to enter the house of the GF Vip, but that at the last minute of the problems they would have prevented the signing of the contract. “I had talked a lot with him and with Maria Elena Boschi and they were both enthusiastic – he explained -. He was, in fact, busy with a TV series on a digital platform which, however, had suspended filming for Covid and should have resumed it in January. At the last, it turned out that, just to finish immediately, they would have moved to Romania, so … ".

Not bad for Giulio, who immediately found his smile, after the nuanced project of the GF Vip, thanks to Maria Elena. The two have not yet made any statements about their love, but it is clear that the story is becoming more and more important for both.

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