Giusi Ferré, goodbye to the icon of “Banana Peel”. He was 76 years old

Giusi Ferré, goodbye to the icon of "Banana Peel".  He was 76 years old

Giusi Ferré, who was able to tell fashion with professionalism and lightness, left us in the night: she was inimitable

On the night of April 15, 2022, we all had to say goodbye to Giusi Ferré, who passed away at the age of 76, leaving behind her an eternal career with which she revolutionized the world of fashion journalism: among the memories of those who worked with her and her inimitable and recognizable stamp, let’s try to summarize the life of the iconic creator of Banana Peel.

Giusi Ferré, goodbye to a fashion icon

When you have to let someone go it is always difficult, and if it is a person who in life has been able to win the esteem and love of all it is in some way even more so. Or at least different.

Giusi Ferré died at the age of 76 during the night of April 15, 2022; her name is probably impossible not to know, because she has marked the history of journalism in the field of fashion and she has placed her signature on one of the most iconic fashion columns ever, Banana Peel.
Born in Milan to a tram driver father and a seamstress mother, Giusi Ferré immediately worked in the field of costume and fashion, always being recognized with her inimitable short red hair, black dresses (her favorite) and his style in writing even less inimitable. The reason why everyone loved her and will continue to love her forever is the fact that she was able to talk about a topic in which her taste is king, without ever falling into banality or rawness as an end in itself.

Giusi Ferré, in fact, even on the occasion of her magnificent Banana Peel column (from which a book and a TV program were born) was able to tell the style slips of VIPs without ever offending the person, but always and only judging the suit. And this makes the difference, because Ferré has always used irony and never offense, never going beyond the often invisible thin line. The fact that she was loved by everyone is shown by the farewell messages that have sprung up on social networks, but not only: the director of Io Donna, Danda Santini, wrote a message for the newspaper collaborator she had the pleasure of meeting years before: “She was always enthusiastic, every proposal intrigued her, it was enough to offer her an idea and her mobile and clear eyes lit up and you understood that she was already ringing the right words for the piece in her mind”, so he recalled her, between affection and immense esteem.

Giusi Ferré, the disease

The death of the iconic Giusi Ferré was not totally sudden; the journalist, in fact, had been ill for some time, but despite this she continued to work until the end of her days with extreme professionalism and always with her inevitable typewriter. She has never changed instruments, and not because she was unable to use others or because she wanted to maintain a superior air, quite the contrary. Far from it. Although she did not like social media and in fact still wrote with a typewriter, Ferré had a very modern soul and she has always lived with great lightness, absolutely in a positive way.

Giusi Ferré, the career

Born in 1946, Giusi Ferré will be remembered forever as well as her career which has been full of satisfactions. Among her works as a journalist for Corriere della Sera and Io Donna (among others), Ferré has also written many books during her life, including Banana Peel. Style and elegance from A to Z and Timberlandia, always managing to keep the ingenious and ironic touch.
However, she did not deal only and exclusively with writing, because Giusi Ferré was also a protagonist on television in some programs such as Oltremoda.

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