Giving birth gently: what is sweet birth according to the Leboyer method

Giving birth gently: what is sweet birth according to the Leboyer method

How to give birth to your child in a serene environment, without trauma, thanks to the sweet birth according to the Leboyer method

At the end of the pregnancy, every woman wonders what will happen and how the most awaited moment, that is the birth, will be. Childbirth is an often-feared event, because it is unknown or imagined based on the stories of friends. But what do we talk about when naming the famous Leboyer method and sweet birth?

Leboyer, a French obstetrician and author of numerous books, has developed a method that bears his name in his life, and he is known to be the spokesman for sweet birth. It is a method that puts the woman and her child at the center of the experience, trying to welcome him in an environment that is welcoming and familiar, thus avoiding traumas linked to the abrupt transition from belly to external life.

Often, delivery rooms in large hospitals are full of equipment, bright lights and annoying noises coming from adjacent rooms. Pregnant women are followed by an obstetrician who accompanies them in the process of labor and delivery, while their children, inside their stomachs, work very hard to get to know their parents in person. Many do not know that being born, for children, is really a struggle! The method of gentle childbirth developed by Leboyer allows small humans to be born precisely in sweetness, without sudden changes and with respect for naturalness.

The fundamental principles of sweet birth mainly concern the acceptance of the new born immediately after birth: putting him in contact with his mother on his belly, so that he can smell her and the sound of her heart; cut the umbilical cord only when it stops pulsing and postponing the practices, such as bathing, weighing and measurements at a later time, obviously if everything goes the right way. We must also remember that in the uterus, the child hears muffled noises and the same happens for the lights; for this reason, the sweet birth also provides silence, and therefore to avoid noisy environments, with useless noises that distract the mother from her moment. The same goes for the lights, which should never be too strong, nor aimed directly at the child, but suffused and respectful of intimacy.

The Leboyer method makes of its fundamental principle the respect for the naturalness of birth and therefore the sweet birth, in essence, wants to make the moment of birth as natural as possible and without trauma for the child, giving positive memories not only to the small, but also to mom.

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