Glass diet: lose 3 kilos in 7 days, how it works

Glass diet: lose 3 kilos in 7 days, how it works

Say goodbye to scales and calorie counting, with the glass diet you will lose weight quickly and effortlessly

Fun and easy to follow, the glass diet is ideal for those who want to get back in shape, losing 3 pounds in a week.

Forget the balance and calorie counting, what makes the perfect and effective glass diet is that you no longer have to waste time weighing food. Just use a glass, the standard 200 ml glass, which will guide you in choosing the foods and quantities to lose weight. This diet is ideal especially for those who often eat outside the home, but also for those who often go running due to too many commitments.

What to put in the glass to lose weight? First of all fruit and vegetables in season, rich in fiber and water, to stimulate the functioning of the intestine, deflate the stomach and eliminate water retention. Aim for cabbage, broccoli and spinach, to top up on vitamin C, don't miss eggplant and peppers, excellent fat burners, and super detox foods like onions and asparagus.

There is also plenty of space for legumes, which have a high satiating power and are an excellent source of vegetable proteins, whole grains and probiotics, which restore intestinal bacterial flora, improving metabolism and strengthening the immune system.

How does the glass diet work? The day begins with a glass of water, lemon and ginger, to awaken the whole body, then savor a plain yogurt with cereals and a fruit. Go for a snack on a glass of smoothie or a fruit and vegetable-based centrifuge. At lunch bring a glass of brown rice (already cooked) with zucchini and mint to the table, accompanied by steamed vegetables seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. At dinner there is plenty of space for legumes: enjoy a glass of beans or red lentils, accompanied by a salad with cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

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