Going to mass extends your life. Science says so

According to a study by Harvard University, participating in religious services allows you to live on average 5 months longer

According to a study by the famous American University of Harvard, going to mass more than once a week extends the life of women, on average those who attend religious services live five months longer and have 33% less chance of dying during subsequent 16 years.

But academics warn: the results of the study, published in the American scientific journal Jama Internal Medicine, do not mean that doctors should prescribe their patients to go to mass, but possibly propose it to those who already believe.

The investigation followed a group of 74,000 women who participated in a maxi study, which went on from 1992 to 2012. Most of them were nurses, Catholics and Protestants, who had no particular cancer and cardiovascular problems. The article reads:

Compared to women who do not attend religious services, women who go to mass more than once a week have a 33% lower mortality risk.

Other factors taken into account in relation to women's health / mortality were depressive symptoms, smoking, social support and optimism: all "important mediators".

The basic age of the women taken into consideration is around 60 years and 16,500 deaths occurred during 16 years of study. Dr. Dan German Blazer, who commented on the results of the research, stressed that the investigation does not address philosophical or theological issues or confirm the claims about the "positive benefits of specific religious experiences".

The reasons for attendance at religious services vary appreciably from person to person: devotion, established habits, social pressures and sometimes simply solitude push people to seek a support group to be in contact with.

Finally, the doctor specifies that the results cannot be extended to men or to other religious groups such as Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, because the research has only affected elderly Christian women.

In conclusion, going to mass not only saves the soul, but also the body derives its benefits. As the well-known philosopher Blaise Pascal said, in the end it is better to bet that God really exists.

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