Golden girl – golden themed shopping ideas

Golden girl - golden themed shopping ideas

Let's sparkle during the holidays: here are some gold-themed shopping ideas!

Isn't the gold color beautiful? It immediately makes Christmas, parties and sparkles! Today, which is Christmas Eve, I thought I'd give you some gold-themed shopping ideas, to make your parties shine with light!

Golden girl: premise

The gold color is especially good for those with warm undertones, but nothing prevents you from wearing it even if you have cold undertones! In this case, perhaps, you prefer details or accessories to a total look and combine it with cold colors in order to illuminate them.

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Golden girl, golden themed shopping ideas: clothing

A gold dress is what we need for the holidays, even if we have to spend them at home. The fact of not being able to go out should not be an excuse for not allowing us to dress elegantly: it is still a day of celebration!

Source Pinko

If we want to shine for the rest of the year too, then a glittery jacket is for us: the sequins are phenomenal, even for the mood!

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If, on the other hand, we are more practical types, but we still love to shine, then let's try a gold version down jacket: it will be the perfect outerwear even for more sporty and casual looks.

Source Woolrich

What to put under a gold-colored dress? Nude lingerie always works! It is invisible and will look perfect even under lace and transparencies. Keep this in mind!

Source Verdissima

Golden girl, golden themed shopping ideas: accessories

Let's look at the bright side of staying indoors: we can put on some fantastic barefoot sandals even if it's snowing outside! And if they have golden details, then they are just perfect.

Source Giuseppe Zanotti

To complete the look, an essential accessory is the bag. If you don't like to dress all in gold, the gold clutch bag is for you and will be very pretty even during the rest of the year, combined in more informal settings.

Source Pinko

And for those who want a refined and refined look, a golden touch on the face cannot be missing. With make-up, with a pair of earrings, or even with a pair of sunglasses with golden details. Here you are ready for the holidays!

Source Hugo Boss

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