Golden necklace: how to wear it with style

Golden necklace: how to wear it with style

Big, long, short or thin, as long as it is golden: here's how to wear the gold necklace

Golden necklaces go a lot this year: large, small, thin, short or long, worn alone, or multi-stranded. Let's see together some nice ideas on how to combine them.

golden necklace

Boss sunglasses, SeeMe necklace, Balmain blazer

Golden necklace, how to wear it with style: choose neutral tones

To make it stand out to the maximum, choose clothes in neutral tones, such as gray or white, if you don't wear it next to the skin. Now those made in chain are very popular, short and that embellish the neck. Personally I like them a lot, but make sure they are the only strong accessory of your look, because otherwise the effect is too rich and heavy.

basic golden necklace

Golden necklace, how to wear it with style: with the marinière

The golden necklace worn with the striped shirt is a guarantee: you can choose it long or short, but also with several strands and you can play with many different lengths. The important thing is not to overdo it, therefore, if there are many glues, it is better that they are all thin, always to avoid that the whole is overloaded.

mariniere golden necklace

Golden necklace, how to wear it with style: with other non-gold necklaces

Mix it with other necklaces, not necessarily golden, but which maybe reflect the colors of your clothing. Going towards the summer, a very glamorous way to wear them is with other necklaces in colored stones, even with funny long or short pendants. I recommend you: measure the length according to the neckline of the shirt, so that too many elements overlap each other.

golden necklace

Golden necklace, how to wear it with style: with asymmetrical tops

If you love particular necklines and asymmetries, you prefer necklaces that go down a little longer on the neckline, in order to fill it evenly. Then remember that a simple golden necklace will be perfect to embellish a white t-shirt and a blazer, so to make even the most basic items special. If you are undecided about the colors to wear with gold, keep in mind that all warm colors work, but also cold ones in softer and dusty shades.

golden necklace with jacket

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